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Higher education policy: active relations, mutual benefits

TECHNA Group contributes to the professional integration of students. It supports new generations of students throughout their training as they make the journey into the workplace. But the Group also benefits from their knowledge and their view of the world, enabling it to rethink the way it operates and reinforce and extend its expertise.

Techna Group with students during a job fair

Interactive and dynamic links

Creating long-term partnerships with higher education is a means of establishing sustainable development opportunities, in terms of both our human resources and our research activities.
This dynamic policy is structured around several channels. We take part in numerous engineering school forums, during which we present our professions, help students define their career choices and make offers enabling them to enrich their professional experience.



group of working students

Placements hinged around the issues facing the sector

Each year, we offer end-of-study thesis placements on innovative themes, with the active support of our business line experts. Quite apart from the inherent interest of the themes, our tutors give students all the support they need, sharing their knowledge, and expertise and providing essential methodological tools in this pivotal period in any student’s life. During internships, we enable students to discover the company’s various professions, particularly through visits to production sites and our research station. They have the opportunity to carry out measurements and conduct trials in real field conditions. Our internship students are given exposure to the challenges of the sector within the framework of the company’s requirements.


The International Volunteer Programme (VIE): the smart choice

We offer technical coordination VIE opportunities within our subsidiaries or via customer partnerships. These vacancies give successful applicants their first professional experience and can be a springboard to another opportunity within the Group. The benefit is twofold: the group’s subsidiary can develop thanks to the contribution of a dedicated person. For the young graduate, VIE offers a rich and multi-faceted experience out in the field. 60% of graduates who complete a VIE placement move on to another position within one of the Group’s companies.

And there’s more…

techna sponsored car during 4l trophee race

Our experts also go out to the higher education establishments themselves to promote their sector to students. TECHNA Group engineers deliver training courses at some of France's leading grandes écoles, such as Purpan (Toulouse - France) and ONIRIS (Nantes - France). And because we plan for the future, we regularly sponsor student projects, such as the 4L trophy.


Are you a student at an agricultural engineering school seeking an internship? Have you just graduated? If so, don’t hesitate to apply for one of our internship opportunities or job vacancies.

Our professions

The plant and animal worlds are constantly evolving. Every year, we expand our range of activities as we enter new markets and establish new entities. Our business lines adapt to these changes. Our leitmotifs are to acquire additional know-how in order to reinforce our expertise, to discover new cultures and to regularly reinvent our customer partnership arrangements.

Testimony ruminant species specialist Techna feed expertise company
“Our objective is to enable the farmer customers of feed manufacturers to increase the technical and economic efficiency of their operations.”
testimony manufacturing technician animal feed Techna
“At TECHNA our expertise lies in our knowledge of ingredients and our mastery of the various manufacturing operations.”
Testimony technical sales rep in farms for animal specialities Nutral Techna
It’s my job to help farmers find solutions to their problems and optimise their farming operations.