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Maxine, Feed formulator - Feed expertise

Feed formulator in Feedia feed expertise

"The reliability of our formulas is essential because the specifications are based on nutritional requirements derived from our matrices."

Maxine, can you tell us what a formulator does?

I respond to customer needs by providing expertise on raw materials and formulation. I receive information about the prices and qualities of raw materials every month. I analyse the results of the raw materials, and then I adjust the matrices.

I can then optimise the formulas or work on the specifications in relation with the Species Experts.

What does your job entail day to day?

In addition to my work on the formulas, I deal with various other issues. I work with the laboratory for the analysis of raw materials or to carry out studies on specific R&D topics. We're fortunate enough to be at the same site.

One of my colleagues and I also write for a journal called "Formules Actualités" on developments in the raw materials and formulas market.

I also work internationally, with the formulation team at TECHNA Tunisia and Techna Poland. The markets and requirements are different, which means we have to make adjustments.

TECHNA’s strengths

At TECHNA there is a good working atmosphere, and people are truly dedicated to the different projects.

I deal with a wide range of species in my job, and I’m constantly learning new things. Based on the tools I use and the discussions with my colleagues in the different departments, it is clear that the company has a high level of expertise, which is very enriching. Moreover, TECHNA has a close-knit company culture where everyone is approachable.

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