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Nadège, Feed formulator - Feed expertise

Feed formulator in Techna feed expertise

"As formulators, we work closely with species specialists, sales reps and the lab."

Nadège, can you tell us what a formulator does?

I support our customers in the design and optimisation of feed formulas manufactured within their structures.

As a formulator, I liaise on a daily basis with our feed manufacturing customers in France and elsewhere. From time to time, I go out and meet our customers to conduct assessments. My role is to be the technical point of contact for all requests regarding changes to formulation parameters.

What does your job entail day to day?

I'm responsible for calculating nutritional values for available raw materials available at the feed manufacturer, by determining their nutritional value and taking into account their conversion by the animal. I then use the information as a basis for proposing and optimising formulas adapted to each species and the animal’s various physiological stages (growth, maintenance, reproduction, lactation, etc.). We also take into account evolving raw material costs and the current price context. Our objective is to address the various constraints encountered by our feed manufacturer customers.
The standards and benchmarks I use also vary as a function of the working context of the people I’m dealing with, particularly in the export market. My customers outside France may well be working with available raw materials that are not the same as our own. These differences require a degree of flexibility in terms of our references (prices, raw materials) to adapt them to the export context.

TECHNA’s strengths

Within the team, our expertise lies in our in-depth knowledge of raw materials and their promotion in matrix form. As formulators, we also have a thorough understanding of the major principles of animal husbandry and feed manufacturing processes.

One of the specific things about us is that we carry out the formulation process directly for our customers when they do not have the expertise in their team. We work closely with species specialists, sales reps and the lab. This approach brings complementary expertise and allows me to have a global vision of the projects I’m involved with.

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