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Laurent, Manufacturing technician - Feed expertise company

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“At TECHNA our expertise lies in our knowledge of ingredients and our mastery of the various manufacturing operations.”

Laurent, can you tell us what a manufacturing technician does?

I‘ve been responsible for the production of additive premixes at the Malville production site for more than 10 years now and for the past two years I’ve filled in for the production manager.

What does your job entail day to day?

I oversee the various steps in the manufacturing process, from preparation of ingredient dosage (from 2 to 50 ingredients) at the different dosage stations, to transfers to the mixers and product packaging. All manufacturing technicians ensure compliance with Quality, Health and Safety procedures.

This aspect is regularly verified during different audits: internal, FCA (Feed Chain Alliance), RCNA (French Animal Nutrition Certification Standards). I make sure the whole process runs smoothly in order to guarantee products of the highest quality for our customers. When things go wrong, I use all of my maintenance experience to resolve the problems safely.

TECHNA’s strengths

Our expertise lies in our knowledge of ingredients, our mastery of the various manufacturing operations and our versatility. We all contribute to the manufacturing process, from beginning to end, and have many years’ experience in premix production.

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