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Eurotier 2018: Techna Group experts highlight their solutions for welfare & antibiotic reduction

26 Oct 2018 -
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This year TECHNA Group experts will attend Eurotier, the most famous livestock exhibition in Europe (13-16 November 2018). Two activities will be featured at this event: animal specialties and feed expertise. Visit our experts Hall 20 – A38 & Hall 11 – B05 and take the opportunity to discover our sustainable approaches & solutions!

This year, TECHNA Group will present, through its two major trades – animal specialties and feed expertise - its main innovations in animal welfare and antibiotic reduction. During the 2018 Eurotier edition, TECHNA Group will defend the view that rational management of gut health and rearing conditions can allow for less reliance on antibiotics on farms.

4 levers to reduce antibiotics on farms

In order to account for the specific needs of animals with less antibiotics,TECHNA puts forward four main high-leverage actions, as follows: The first lever is to maximize feed intake by allowing the animal to ingest the right quantity of feed according to its requirements, in order to prevent any shortage. The second lever consists of optimizing digestive mechanisms by stimulating intestinal villi and enzyme secretions. The third step involves contributing to gut microbiota balance. This is possible with a good knowledge of the nutritional balance of formulae in order to influence the ratio between “beneficial bacteria” through a tailored feeding strategy. Last but not least, all the techniques and methods allowing one to reinforce animal immunity will be beneficial when attempting to decrease the antibiotic level in feed.

Promoting "antibiotic-free" farming through reproduction & solutions for metabolism improvement

On the “free-antibiotic” farming side, NUTRAL, another subsidiary of TECHNA Group, will present its innovative approach to dairy cattle and poultry management. These key sustainable rearing methods are designed to improve the productivity and profitability of livestock. In cattle, NUTRAL experts aim to assist farmers with calving preparation and to help cows promptly recover their cyclicity (Metrabol) as well as deal with the post-partum process (for instance Delibol aids in the delivery of retained placenta). They can also help improve animals’ respiratory functions when aiming to upgrade the performance of finishing cattle and avoid serious respiratory issues. Last but not least NUTRAL also promotes an original management of parasitic risks & immunity through products such as Zorabol, Sporial, Protobol, Occitral, Imunobol and Imunosol.

In poultry, NUTRAL puts forward special solutions for metabolism improvement to help deal with hepatic support (Epatral), respiratory issues for birds (Vental) digestive troubles (Baci 50, Micotral) and stress reduction (Imuneo, Tonitral),

Animal welfare, at the chore of TECHNA Group approach

Another highly emotionally-charged topics at Eurotier 2018 will be animal welfare. It is also a flagship topic of research for the consultancy and feed expertise company TECHNA. In poultry, TECHNA experts have added ethology to their broad range of expertise. Their interest precisely lies in finding out how to reduce the negative impact of certain types of animal behaviors on overall technical and economic performance results in poultry. In broilers and turkeys, TECHNA puts special emphasis on a key welfare criterion, footpad dermatitis. In this regard, TECHNA experts have set up a three-step approach in order to detect, identify and improve the conditions of birds affected by foot pad lesions.

TECHNA also pays particular attention to the issue of welfare in pigs. Strengthening piglets' robustness throughout the entire post-weaning period leads to better welfare conditions to face this challenging period. TECHNA also developed solutions for fatteners, in line with the European welfare regulation on tail docking and to prevent from tail biting - a major welfare issue with heavy economic consequences. These solutions contribute to enhance the comfort and social behaviour of pigs during fattening period, meaning more welfare and so more efficacy.

Check out these approaches and visit our experts as part of Eurotier Hall 20 – A38 & Hall 11 – B05

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