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Meet TECHNA experts at Poultry Africa 2017

02 Oct 2017 -
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This year, the TECHNA Group poultry experts will be attending the Poultry Africa 2017 expo and leadership conference to be held in Kigali on October 4th-5th, 2017.

Poultry Africa, an upcoming leading expo in the poultry sector

For the first time in its resilient history, Rwanda will host an exhibition dedicated to poultry under the theme “Poultry Africa 2017”. This expo will be held in Kigali on 4th-5th October. "Poultry Africa 2017” aims to be the first Expo, leadership conference and technical seminars event for the sub-Saharan poultry industry. Around 1500 visitors are expected among whom farmers and farming-related stakeholders, feed manufacturers, distributors and feed suppliers to name but just a few.

A sharp expertise in poultry nutrition and feed formulation

Poultry Africa 2017 will provide the TECHNA Group feed specialists with the opportunity to show their sharp expertise in zootechnics and nutrition on all avian species: hens, layers, turkeys, quails, dicks, broiler, guinea fowls.

Our experts can also help feed millers analyze the performance results of their poultry flocks: variation factors, genetics, sanitary aspects, feed, zootechnical programs. Another part of their skills consists of validating the nutritional strategies to implement in flocks: verification and further refinement of nutritional choices, evaluation and selection of feed additives.

They are also able to anticipate the evolution of raw materials (values, market…) and are ready to share their knowledge in formulating feed that will allow their customers to achieve their goals in terms of performance and profitability.

A range of cutting-edge products specially designed for poultry flocks

These quality services come with quality products. Vitalprotect® is a cost-saving and efficient range of solutions for depletion of mycotoxin effects. For meat type birds, Aviance® is a natural solution that facilitates growth. Through the appetite-enhancing, antioxidant and antibacterial properties of its components, Aviance® aims to stimulate the digestive functions and helps attain the perfect balance of the intestinal flora. For layers, Protical® specifically acts on the bone mineralisation of broilers, layers and breeders, and on the strength of the eggshells. Protical® is a highly absorbable source of calcium for broilers layers and breeders resulting in stronger eggshells.

Should you want more information on our products and services you are welcome on our booth G18 Hall 1 at Poultry Africa!

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