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Best wishes for 2020!

13 Jan 2020 -
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Happiness, health, peace and prosperity... all of us at TECHNA wish you the best for this new year 2020.

This also includes peace of mind, sharing kindness, trusting and caring for others. This is what our children express in the beautiful drawings in the video below.

Let’s place our full trust in others. Let’s trust in the expertise of farmers and others in the agricultural sector to make every effort to provide us with the best food.

This is the strong message that the children of TECHNA employees wanted to convey: now more than ever, and into the future, we depend on the farmers who work so hard to grow our food and who innovate to produce better, in an ethical and environmentally-friendly manner.

Today's agriculture must be efficient, qualitative, reliable, competitive and eco-responsible, while protecting the planet and its resources, promoting animal welfare and engaging in more natural production methods. At TECHNA, we are already committed to this approach, and will continue in 2020 to offer original solutions that protect people and nature, and that meet the current and future challenges of the agricultural sector.

All of us here at TECHNA wish you a happy new year 2020 with "Performance, Nature and Respect".



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