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Spotlight on Tunisian livestock at the PAMED 2018

07 May 2018 -
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Would you like to break into the market of Tunisian animal productions or to learn more about the specifics of poultry or ruminant issues in countries around the Mediterranean? If you’ve never been to the Mediterranean Exhibition of Animal Production of Livestock and Agricultural Equipment (PAMED), there really is nothing like it! This notorious Tunisian livestock show will take place from May, 8-11 in Hammamet.

PAMED 2018, a landmark event on animal nutrition in Tunisia

PAMED 2018 is much more than just an agri business show dedicated to Tunisian livestock. The Mediterranean Animal Production Show of Livestock and Agricultural Equipment is the landmark event for poultry farmers, feed millers, farmers, suppliers in Tunisia. It is also a good platform to enhance the visibility of foreign companies aiming to break into North-Saharian regions. This event will be held from May 8th to 11th, 2018 in Hammamet, a city located nearby TECHNA TUNISIE.

This represents a major opportunity to develop your business if you want to make it on the Tunisian animal nutrition market or to find out more about the specifics of technical poultry  or ruminant livestock in the Southern Mediterranean region. For the 2018 edition, there will be conferences for professionals, technical workshops, and seminars on practical, on-field issues in the poultry and ruminant sectors as well as on raw materials.

TECHNA TUNISIE, a whole range of livestock products for hot climates

The team from TECHNA TUNISIE will be at the show chatting with friends, colleagues and customers. If you’re lucky, you might come across one of our experts nearby a booth or at a technical conference!

They will provide you with relevant information and insight regarding any question you might have concerning hot and dry climates: how can production costs be optimised with the increase of corn and soybean meal? How can we deal with the soaring prices of raw materials? TECHNA TUNISIE experts will address these issues with the eye of conscious professionnals who will help you to make a profitable investment.

Through the TECHNA Group’s four activities -- feed expertise company, animal specialties, aquaculture and equine specialties – our specialists will unveil the full range of their premixes, vitamin mineral complements and salt licks for ruminant cattle and poultry flocks as well as their expertise in feed formulation. On the R&D side, they will also present their brand new experimental centre in Tunisia, Zitouna Nutrition, which hosts trial runs in broiler chickens.

Whatever your issue, our experts can design a solution to suit your particular case. So do not hesitate to make an appointment with them!

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