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The TECHNA Group at the SPACE 2017

29 Aug 2017 -
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Specializing in animal nutrition, the TECHNA Group offers innovative solutions that are respectful to humans, animals and the environment. This year, the TECHNA Group experts in animal productions will be attending the SPACE 2017, a key international exhibition for the livestock industry. Two of the Group’s fields of specialties will be featured at this event: our feed expertise and animal specialities trades. Come visit our experts and take the opportunity to discover our cutting-edge solutions.

SPACE 2017, the number 1 exhibition in the animal production sector

The International Exhibition for Animal Productions will be held at the Rennes Airport Exhibition Centre from September 12th-15th. With 1,450 exhibitors and well over 100 000 visitors expected, the SPACE represents a unique opportunity for farmers, feed millers and suppliers from around the world, to explore new innovations in the livestock sector to build new partnerships and to strike fruitful business deals. The 2017 Edition will put emphasis on agricultural robots and how they can help farmers deal with their daily chores.

A wide range of flagship products to increase the profitability of farmers and feed millers

This year, the TECHNA Group feed expertise company will display its range of solutions for optimising animal performance.

  • For meat type birds, Aviance® is a natural solution that facilitates growth. Through the appetite-enhancing, antioxidant and antibacterial properties of its components, Aviance® aims to stimulate the digestive functions and helps attain the perfect balance of the intestinal flora.
  • For layers, Protical® specifically acts on the bone mineralisation of broilers, layers and breeders, and on the strength of the eggshells. Protical is a highly absorbable source of calcium for broilers layers and breeders resulting in stronger eggshells.
  • Novatan® for dairy cows, is a natural product based on essential oils and trace elements. It favors the zootechnical performances of the animals by optimising the use of proteins in the diet. Novatan® leads to increased milk production and milk protein content, a reduction of urea in the milk and better management of metabolic disorders.
  • Carneo Boost® promotes growth and improves the technical and economic performance of fattening beef cattle.
  • In pigs, the additive solution Reganol® helps piglets deal with changed incurred by weaning. It improves piglet feed intake, secures digestive safety, etc.

A bolus to support immunity of ruminants

The Space 2017 will also provide Nutral, a subsidiary of TECHNA Group, with the opportunity to unveil its new solution: the imunobol bolus. Made from plants (echinacea, ginger, ginseng, eleutherococca) and spirulina (microalgae rich in proteins), the Imunobol helps livestock to improve his defenses against aggression, especially in case of stresses. It is available in 60 g for adult cattle but also in 10 g for calves, sheep and goats. A specific 10g bolus format is also designed to be used in organic farming. Experimental results in farms are available concerning these nutritional solutions.

We look forward to meeting you on our booth 25 Hall 5!



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