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Viv'Asia 2019: Feed costs and antimicrobials in the front burner

23 Jan 2019 -
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Feedia®, Aquaneo® and Natual®… these names are not familiar yet. Still, TECHNA’s launches of 3 key brands at VIV’ASIA will definitely be a highlight of the 2019 edition. Drop by Hall 104 Booth 1631 and learn more about the Group’s latest evolution and our key-offerings in pig, poultry, fish, cattle and rabbit.

Antimicrobials and protein in crux at Viv'Asia 2019

Not only are TECHNA experts thrilled to announce their presence at Viv’ Asia 2019 this year, but this event will also be the occasion for the ‘international’ launch of three of TECHNA’ s new brands. From now on, the feed expertise trade is represented by the brand Feedia®, animal specialties by the brand Natual® and aquaculture by the brand Aquaneo®. VIV’ ASIA 2019 is expected to attract 1,250 exhibitors from around 60 countries and will be held on March 13th-15th, at Bangkok international Trade & Exhibition Centre in Thaïland.

Two major topics on the menu for TECHNA this year will be protein sparing in cattle and aquaculture as well as the switch to less use of antibiotics in the raising of swine and rabbits.

The trend shift towards lower levels of antibiotics on Asian farms

Current food trends in South-East Asia are driven by economic growth, a rising standard of living and increased consumer demand. More fresh meat products and processed meat products (meatballs, sausages) are required by a more demanding social group longing for high quality products.
Nowadays, there are very high social expectations for food safety in Asia and animal feed is a key element within the global value chain from farm to fork. Antimicrobial resistance is a major food safety concern, not only in Thaïland but also throughout South-East Asia. In this regard, Natual® and Feedia® have developed a wide range of solutions to attempt to reduce antibiotic use. These are based on metabolism enhancement and immunity support to trigger a trend shift towards a scarcer use of antibiotics on farms.
On the nutrition side, Feedia® experts firmly believe that it is possible to obtain better animal performance with fewer antibiotics. This trend shift can be triggered via a step-by-step strategy aiming to reduce antibiotic use in swine, poultry and rabbit, as follows: maximizing feed intake by allowing the animal to ingest the right quantity of feed it needs; optimizing digestive mechanisms by stimulating intestinal villi and enzyme secretions; helping to achieve a good balance of microbiota through formulation strategy; and strengthening animal immunity with antioxidants, encapsulated ingredients, special plant extracts and targeted premixes.

Improving poultry’s comfort in a sustainable way

In the same vein, Natual®’s unique approach consists of reducing antibiotic and chemical additives use by administering plant-based solutions aimed at enhancing animals’ natural metabolism. Natual® particularly focuses on improving poultry comfort and resistance when raised in an intensive production context. In this regard Natual® experts will present a range of products for metabolism improvement such as Epatral (hepatic support), Vental (respiratory issues), Imuneo (immunity enhancement and stress reduction).

Saving on protein to minimize feed costs in cattle and aquaculture

Protein sparing is also a major factor in the budgets of many farms involved in livestock and aquaculture in Asia. To save on protein costs, Feedia® ruminant experts propose Novatan®, a solution based on essential oils and composed of specific active ingredients that can reduce protein breakdown in the rumen and improve the quantity of digestible protein in the intestine. Similarly, Aquaneo®’s experts will promote two special solutions - Aquaviance® and Economix® - which can potentially help any fish and shrimp farmer increase their production potential. Aquaviance®, Aquaneo®’s flagship product, contributes to a good balance of intestinal flora of fish and shrimp through the synergistic action of essential oils and prebiotics.

TECHNA representatives will be available Hall 104 Booth 1631 for additional inquiries and in-booth presentations throughout the event.


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