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Viv'Turkey 2019: Can intensive farming be reconciled with sustainability?

23 May 2019 -
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The VIV TURKEY livestock show (June 13th-15th) will provide a timely opportunity to present TECHNA’s brands and newly overhauled identity to the Turkish market. These changes are underpinned by three guiding values: Performance, Nature and Respect.

TECHNA’s unveiling of its new brands at Viv'Turkey 2019

TECHNA is proud to present its new brands along with its high-efficiency products & customized services at the 9th edition of VIV TURKEY. This event will be taking place from June 13-15th at Istanbul Expo Center. This trade show will host more than 500 exhibitors from 45 countries over 25.000sqm of exhibition. EGE TECHNA has been active on the Turkish animal production market since 2002. VIV TURKEY will be the occasion for TECHNA’s Turkish subsidiary to focus on 3 activities it is engaged in the Turkish market: FEEDIA® represents TECHNA’S core feed expertise trade ; NATUAL® stands for animal specialities; and AQUANEO® represents the aquaculture activity. The objective is to address the challenges of today’s agri food industry by focusing on three main pillars: Performance, Nature and Respect. With a rapid growth in population over the past decade, Turkey's livestock industry players- especially feed millers and breeders - need to find more sustainable solutions to supply the booming local demand for animal protein.

Optimizing poultry production in a demanding context

Turkey has become the world’s 8th largest producer with about 2 million tonnes of poultry meat produced in 2016. FEEDIA®  and NATUAL®products are designed to help Turkish poultry feed millers and farmers make the most of their resources. Among these, VITALPROTECT® is an additive solution for an effective and economic control of mycotoxin risk ; AVIANCE® is designed to stimulate  digestive functions and contribute to the perfect balance of intestinal flora in meat-type birds. To maintain poultry performance in a demanding production context, NATUAL® products puts special emphasis on  metabolism improvement : the goal is to help poultry deal with liver detox and draining (EPATRAL), hydration management (MIXTRAL) and the finishing period (VENTAL) as well as bacterial balance management (BACI 50, MICOTRAL) in addition to stimulating immune protection and improving vaccination efficiency (IMUNEO).

The Turkish dairy sector at a turning point

The Turkish dairy sector is also strongly impacted by a volatile economic context. From the perspective of dairy production, low raw milk prices have caused a decrease in Turkey's dairy milk population which have resulted in fewer animals being available for herd replacement. Consequently Turkish dairy farmers are often required to produce more milk with less resources. To help them increase their herd’s feed efficiency, FEEDIA®proposes NOVATAN®, a solution based on essential oils and composed of specific active ingredients that can reduce protein breakdown in the rumen and improve the quantity of digestible protein in the intestine.

On the demedication side, NATUAL® experts propose an innovative ranges of product to support cattle performance, and welfare. Free from residues, toxicity, habituation and withdrawal delay, these targeted solutions are designed to manage the main physiological functions of livestock. Their customized format is designed to assist farmers in reproduction with successful uterine involution, as well as with calving preparation and to help cows promptly recover their cyclicity (METRABOL) as well as deal with the post-partum process (for instance DELIBOL aids in the delivery of retained placenta). These can also be used for negative energy balance (ACETOBOL) and somatic cell management (PARABOL) as well as for supporting animals’ respiratory functions when aiming to upgrade the performance of finishing cattle while avoiding serious respiratory issues (PREMEL, RESPIBOL).

Should you need more information do not hesitate to drop by our booth HALL 9 C14 !

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