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Techna Afrique Centrale Ouest




Creation year : 2017

Team : 6 employees among whom 1 formulator and 2 poultry specialists

Markets : West and Central African area

Riviera 3 , Cap nord Cocody
BP 3521 - Abidjan 08
Ivory Coast

(225) 21 32 25 84

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Created in 2017, TECHNA AFRIQUE CENTRALE ET OUEST is  the TECHNA Group’s affiliate in charge of the Central and West African markets. It is based in Abidjan. TECHNA AFRIQUE CENTRALE ET OUEST assists actors of the animal feed sector and cereal producers throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Its services are based on four core areas of expertise: improvement of zootechnical performances, reduction of the feed cost, valorization of local raw materials and technical assistance for feed production. Our teams aim to establish a lasting partnership with their customers. We help feed millers and breeders to strengthen their expertise. This allows them, in turn, to increase their technicality and improve the profitability of their business.



Improvement of zootechnical performances

TECHNA AFRIQUE CENTRALE ET OUEST provides its clients with expertise in zootechnics and nutrition for all species: poultry, swine, ruminant, rabbit and aquaculture species. Its teams, composed of agro engineers, technicians and veterinarians, are able to find an appropriate answer to all the breeding issues occurring on farms. Our aim is to support our clients through multiple services: farm visits, advice, training. TECHNA AFRIQUE CENTRALE ET OUEST also offers products and services that improve zootechnical performance, thereby contributing to better farm profitability.

Reduction of the feed cost and improvement of feed efficiency

Our challenge is to support our clients - who are mostly feed millers - to improve the profitability of their production tool. Through our expertise in feed formulation, we offer formulae which are adapted to each production context in order to reduce the feed cost and to improve feed efficiency. We also help our clients in the selection of raw materials to incorporate in their finished feed by taking market prices into account.

Valorisation of local raw materials

TECHNA AFRIQUE CENTRALE ET OUEST also has a deep know-how in the selection and characterization of local raw materials which can be valorized in animal nutrition: cotton byproducts, peanut byproducts, etc... To do this, we use the combined teachings of a database of test results (stemming from TECHNA's laboratory), digestibility tests carried out at our Research Centre and field trials.

Technological and quality assistance

TECHNA AFRIQUE CENTRALE ET OUEST provides its customers with technological assistance during the feed production process and the implementation of quality control plans to ensure the quality compliance of the raw materials used as well as that of the finished feed. By doing so, TECHNA contributes to the lasting professionalisation of breeders and farmers.

Flagship products


AQUAVIANCE is a new additive solution designed to optimize performance in fish and shrimp farming. AQUAVIANCE's rational composition, blending aromatic plant extracts with protected essential oils and prebiotics, is designed to stimulate digestive functions, contribute to a good balance of intestinal flora and enhance shrimp and fish performance.

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EPATRAL® is intended for all livestock animals subjected to digestive and liver challenges. It is suitable for ruminants, pigs and poultry. It is used to support the role of liver detoxification and improve the activity of this organ’s other functions. EPATRAL® sustains optimal functioning of organs involved in digestion: liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

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OPTIPLANT® provides the plant with nutritional support in order to foster its growth and balance. OPTIPLANT® also enables the system of the plant's natural defences to develop and stimulates the regrowth of vegetation.

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VITALPROTECT® SECURE is a blend of ingredients helping to adsorb* or limit the negative impact of mycotoxins** on livestock.

* AF B1
**DON, Fumonisines, Zearalenone


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