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Our business, our DNA, our responsibility

An international and independent business

We have been working alongside agricultural industries for six decades, providing expertise in livestock farming techniques, precision nutrition, and natural health solutions for both animal and plant production.

Our roots trace back to 1964 in France, but today, we export our knowledge to over 50 countries through 11 subsidiaries across Europe, North and West Africa, and Asia. Our growth strategy involves offering effective local solutions to address specific issues, while respecting the unique geographical, cultural, and economic aspects of each region. Our goal is to empower our clients with enhanced skills and capabilities.

We offer both high-quality and independent technical expertise and effective Product solutions, with the goal of boosting the profitability and productivity of our clients. With our staff actively engaged in the field, we've become a recognized and influential leader in the animal nutrition and health sector.

Regardless of the specific offering, we provide our partners with expert, impartial advice, continuous on-site support, and valuable products and software.

Innovation, our driving force

Innovation is what drives our mission. We firmly believe that scientific and technical advancements are pivotal in achieving economic, social, and environmental improvements for our partner-clients.

Our approach involves combining our various areas of expertise, staying up-to-date with scientific and technological advancements, and using fundamental research and field experiments to fuel our ongoing Research and Development efforts.

Additionally, we actively participate in collaborative research projects with private and institutional partners, such as Euronutrition, one of Europe's largest private research and experimentation centres in animal nutrition.  We are also the majority shareholder in Kumulus, a company that continuously collects and provides real-time analytics of data from commercial livestock operations. This investment accelerates the development of our digital solutions and ensures that we deliver future-oriented expertise and consulting services to our partners.

Our responsibility: help tackle the challenges related to Food and the Health of Life

The progress of agricultural sectors, both in France and internationally, is a collective commitment. We are aware of the challenges that agricultural sectors worldwide face today and in the decades to come, namely to feed the world's growing population in a conscientious and sustainable manner.

We believe that all agricultural productions should have opportunities for sustainable growth to ensure their ongoing success.  Accordingly, we drive economic, social, and environmental improvements in farming practices, while respecting the unique features of each region. 

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