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Aerial photo of a sheep farm in a field
Aerial photo of a sheep farm in a field

Our raison d’être, our values

Our raison d’être

Consistently enhance livestock performance in a sustainable manner, to tackle the challenges related to Food and the Health of Life. 

Science and technology support our solutions

At Techna, we strongly believe that science and technology are the most effective tools to drive improvement and progress. They empower us to offer reliable solutions backed by quantifiable evidence and high-level expertise to ensure the enduring technical, financial, and environmental performance of agricultural production sectors.

Clearly defined and shared Values

Techna's values reflect our identity and history. They are fundamental pillars of our corporate culture, guiding our people day-to-day. 

An independent collective

Over six decades, the entrepreneurial spirit of Techna's people has shaped our business.

Our diversity is our strength, enabling us to leverage the talents of all our staff, leading to powerful and mutually beneficial synergies.   

Our collective strength is further fortified by our self-reliant financial structure and the strong shareholder commitment of our employees. 

Un collectif indépendant

Technical expertise

Caring for and nourishing Life is not just our job; it's our passion and embedded in our DNA. We proudly share this passion with our clients, providing valuable guidance in the field and relentlessly pursuing the most efficient and ethical outcomes.  

Conseiller nutritionniste et éleveuse


The fusion of science and nature has always driven our innovation and the performance of our client-partners. 

We channel our support for innovation through substantial financial, technological, and human investment. 

Our strategic focus includes harnessing digital technology to address future agricultural challenges with even greater precision.

Ampoule innovation

Sustainable performance

This embodies three core principles: 

  • Our continuous quest for solutions and personalized, hands-on support ensures our clients' long-term performance.
  • Our advice includes societal and environmental considerations, driving us toward more sustainable practices. 
  • Lastly, Techna embraces the practice of sharing the benefits of success with our employees and shareholders, with employees holding a majority of the capital.
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