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Indian landscape
Indian landscape

Techna India

Our expertise

Techna India provides additive solutions and nutritional specialities for the poultry, dairy, swine and aquaculture markets and offers its customers a wide range of expertise:


  • Nutritional expertise 
  • Zootechnical and animal health expertise
  • Support for industrial processes and feed quality 
  • Feed formulation
  • Adding value to local raw materials
  • Day-to-day support for the customers 
  • Farm visits & breeding techniques
  • Optimising production costs of integrators
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Techna India

Jean Noel Gracie Techna India
Jean Noël Gracie
Managing Director Techna India

"Techna India Private Limited was established in 2022 as the seventh subsidiary of the Techna Group.

Techna India is based on a Sales and Marketing Team animating a distribution network to deploy its range of products and services to Indian feed manufacturers and farmers: additive solutions, nutritional specialities, zootechnical expertise, raw material knowledge and feed formulation are all part of it. The ambition of this young company is to support its customers in improving feed efficiency and rearing performance as well as in reducing feed costs."

Our customers

  • Feed/mineral manufacturer
  • Production integrator/organisation
  • Breeders
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Head office

RK Khanna Tennis Stadium, 1st floor, 1 Africa Avenue (Gate 3), New Delhi 110029

  • Volailles
  • Ruminants
  • Aquaculture

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