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Aviperf boîte d'œufs avec des numéros
Boîte d'œufs avec des numéros

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Data-powered management tool in egg production

In egg production we have to contend with long laying cycles that produce a vast amount of technical data. Entering, compiling and analysing it can be a tedious process. But this data is indispensable in order to improve a flock, to validate your nutritional plan and to identify room for improvement, all the while having a full history for each batch.

Aviperf Layer is a new tool designed to centralize technical data on laying hens such as; food intake, egg output, egg weight, egg mass, downgraded eggs, hen weight etc.

Aviperf Layer can be used:

  • Both in France and internationally
  • On multiple levels: farm, producers’ organisations, sector-wide monitoring.

Aviperf Layer allows users to:

  • Compile zootechnical data 
  • Analyse technical results from different batches
  • Validate technical itineraries
  • Evaluate economic performance 

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