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A hand with pellets near a bovine
A hand with pellets near a bovine

Animal nutrition expertise

60 years of expertise to care for Life

For 60 years, Techna has been supporting businesses in animal and plant production in the field by designing proven nutritional solutions.

We address the global food challenge alongside our client partners through a comprehensive approach that combines nutritional expertise, advice and technical innovation.

Our ambition is to sustainably improve the performance of the agricultural production sectors.

Multi-species expertise

Poultry, ruminants, pigs, rabbits, aquaculture species, horses

Our experts effectively address the intricacies and objectives of the animal feed industry and livestock farms. To achieve this, our teams draw on their in-depth knowledge of nutrition and animal physiology, as well as their special expertise in the sectors, enabling us to create tailored nutritional solutions.

Our formulation strategies are personalised to optimise technical and financial performance and animal growth and well-being at all stages of their life cycle.

Techna logo surrounded by a horse, a cow, a pig, a chicken, a rabbit and fish.

Precision nutrition

... for optimal performance.

 Based on in-depth scientific research and field studies, our formulation matrix and rationing software incorporate numerous parameters such as the nutritional requirements of each species, available raw material profiles, regulatory constraints and desired performance.

Our formulation matrix and nutritional programs are tailored to the specific objectives of each participant in the production chain.

Predicting your performance

...and its evolution.

Because optimising production performance requires precision, our experts use predictive performance models based on algorithms and advanced data collection, analysis and processing technologies.

Using these models, we predict and assess the future performance of each nutritional program.

Continuous monitoring

... to tailor our nutritional programs, ensuring maximum effectiveness and sustainable performance of our solutions.

Engaged directly with realities in the field, our technical advisers, our nutritionists and formulators provide expert, personalised and reliable advice that serves the specific objectives of each of our client partners over the long term.

A holistic approach to animal nutrition

Our nutritional approach is based on multidisciplinary expertise, integrating knowledge of animal physiology and health, livestock farming techniques and production economics.

All of these factors are interconnected and can have a significant impact on the overall performance of the feed, the animals, and the sector as a whole.

By adopting a holistic approach, we seek to improve animal health and well-being, emphasising prevention while maximising their growth and production potential.

Volaille et flèche indiquant de bonne performances de croissance
Photo Gwenael Forgeard
Gwenaël Forgeard
Director of Markets and Innovation Feedia

"We continuously optimise nutrient digestibility and thus, the performance of livestock farms. Our solutions also support and stimulate the physiological functions of the animals during key moments such as calving, seasonal changes, onset of respiratory problems, etc. This approach plays a crucial role not only in optimising farm performance but also in actively combating antibiotic resistance."

Exporting our expertise

We believe that progress is only valuable when shared by all. Our experts tailor our approaches and services to the specific cultural and economic landscape of each region, supporting the agricultural sector in no fewer than 50 countries.

With our local presence through our international subsidiaries in 7 countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia, our experts deploy their expertise to precisely address the challenges of our client partners.

We are directly engaged with the realities in the field and enriched by the diverse contexts we encounter, enabling us to analyse, leverage and improve our advisory services and product solutions.

Globe monde sur la main d'un homme avec des points lumineux illustrant le partage de savoirs
Photo Emmanuel Amprou
Emmanuel Amprou
Poultry Market Manager Feedia

"Our applications in hot climates, particularly in Africa, enrich our expertise, enabling us to better handle the challenges brought about by increasingly hot summers in Europe. Drawing from our experience in animal welfare in Europe, we extend our know-how to other emerging markets on this theme. The knowledge acquired in France and internationally serves the poultry sectors."