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Key figures and organisational structure

1 group, 11 subsidiaries

Established in France in 1964, Techna has grown into a group composed of 11 subsidiaries, with a presence in France as well as in international markets.

This comprehensive reach empowers us to effectively tackle local challenges encountered by our clients in their unique environments.

Our 4 subsidiaries in France

Our four French-based entities design Techna's offerings, grounded in our scientific approach to precision nutrition, natural health solutions, and advanced livestock farming techniques. 

These subsidiaries spearhead our innovation initiatives and expertise development efforts within the group. They also serve our French partner-clients, supporting the growth of our subsidiaries, and do business directly with our international clients.

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Our international presence

We distribute our solutions across approximately fifty countries, spanning EuropeAfricathe Middle EastAsia, and Central America.

To ensure sustained customer support aligned with their diverse needs and respectful of geographical, cultural, and economic nuances, Techna has established a presence in seven countries, with some of our initial international subsidiaries dating back over 25 years.

Each subsidiary, armed with local expertise and on-the-ground insights, is tasked with representing Techna's offerings to partner clients in their respective countries.

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subsidiaries including 7 internationally




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experts: nutritionists, livestock experts, veterinarians, and formulation engineers