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A man behind his herd of cows

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Natual embodies Techna's natural health nutrition range, dedicated to livestock and crops.  

Natual is a range of nutritional supplements designed to support the physiological functions of livestock and plants. As pioneers in natural health solutions, we have been drawing on nature since 1971 to formulate effective solutions that are part of a preventive approach as an alternative to the use of synthetic substances.

We are committed to providing technical support to our customers on their farms. We have forged partnerships with specialists (inseminators, vets, livestock technicians, etc.) to give our customers the best possible advice on a day-to-day basis and help them achieve their performance objectives.

Technicien conseillant une éleveuse

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Alice Avisse
Mixed crop and livestock farmer
Boissy-Fresnoy, 60440 (France)
  • Ruminants

"I have carried out several trials on grazers entering fattening with Natual brand products, in order to limit stress because this is a major cause of antibiotic use on incoming batches...".

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