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Hand with grains of wheat
Hand with grains of wheat

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Technical and economic optimisation of animal feed. Formulation, specifications, matrix management and development support.

The advantage of formulating animal feed is that the composition is constantly being adapted according to the quality of the ingredients, the technical and economic context and the evolution of the cost of raw materials.

Expertise in raw materials is essential, enabling us to qualify each of the elements likely to be incorporated into a feed. It includes detailed knowledge of nutritional value based on biochemical criteria and the results of digestibility tests or zootechnical research.

This expertise also makes it possible to define the minimum and maximum levels of use of each material by species or physiological stage.

Our advice takes the form of personalised support and the updating of matrices through our online calculation tool Black Box.

The determination of animals’ nutritional requirements takes into account several criteria such as species, genetics, physiological stage, and expected performance. The specifications of each feed manufactured can then be set up via constraints on nutrients such as energy, proteins, amino acids, mineral elements...

The economic optimisation combines these constraints, and allows customised formulas at the best possible cost. The optimisation of formulas also includes purchasing constraints, the availability and storage of raw materials in feed mills, but also regulatory constraints or societal expectations.

The Techna matrix includes more than 40,000 qualified raw materials, with nearly 300 nutrients for each material, for all animal species.

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Feedia embodies Techna's range of advice and solutions in breeding techniques and precision nutrition, serving the performance of production organisations, feed manufacturers and their breeder customers.