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Epishield Gill

  • Aquaculture

Epishield Gill Supporting fish organ integrity during parasitic infection


Parasites are ubiquitous organisms of aquatic environments. Their presence on the farm can lead to severe damages and economic losses. 
Parasite management on farms must be taken on a large scale, with biosecurity and hygiene management measures

Techna has developed a dedicated range of products named Epishield which is based on plant extracts and micronutrients, to mitigate the impact of parasites by supporting the epithelial health and wound healing processes.

Epishield Gill has been specially designed to help the farmers and fish during gill parasite infection. Based on the synergistic effects of:

  • Medium chain fatty acids
  • Plant extracts, including garlic essential oil.
  • Micronutrients


  • Powder

Incorporated into feed. Rate to be adjusted according to product concentration, species and physiological stage.

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