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Techna employees
Techna employees

TECHNA Culture

Excellence, commitment, authenticity

Isabelle Petitpas-Roué
Isabelle Petitpas-Roué
Head of Human Resources
Techna Group

"From the outset, our growth and the success of our customer-partners have been based on the scientific and technical innovation of our solutions. Our men and women share a common passion for Life and are committed to promoting new, sustainable and high-performance practices. At Techna, we firmly believe in the power of expertise and collaboration with our customer-partners to meet the challenges of agriculture and livestock farming."

A committed and independent collective

At Techna, the employees are the majority shareholders. They are united around the same economic project, the same values of sharing work and the wealth created by this work, as well as by the capital invested by each of them. They are heavily involved in the company and are committed to its long-term future.

At Techna, we encourage the active participation of all our employees in defining our vision, objectives and strategy.

Convinced that teamwork is the key to providing solutions tailored to our customers' challenges, we value personal investment, team spirit, cooperation and the fair sharing of added value.

27% of our employees are shareholders

Historical and multidisciplinary expertise

For almost 60 years, Techna has been building its expertise on its experience in the field, in contact with our partner customers in factories and farms, and also on its massive investment in Research and Development in our factories and research farms, as well as our network of pilot farms.

Together, we are aiming for excellence. We intend to go ever further in innovation and technical expertise, while encouraging the development of skills and the passing on of knowledge.

To offer high-quality, customised solutions to our customers, our staff draw on their in-depth knowledge of the physiological and nutritional needs of animals, their in-depth knowledge of plants, raw materials and ingredients, and their in-depth expertise in feed formulation and manufacturing processes.

Expertise Techna

Respect for people and nature

Respect for Life is a fundamental value for our Group.

We are committed to designing and offering nutritional and health solutions that respect the physiology of animals and contribute to their comfort, optimal development and well-being.

We develop our products in line with regulatory standards, taking into account the precise needs of each species. We adapt their use to the needs of our customers, to local environmental conditions and to the cultural differences of each region of the world.

We favour the use of natural solutions to meet performance needs while combating the risks of antibiotic resistance.

Betterave sucrière

An international Group on a human scale


We cultivate simple human relations. We encourage open communication, where everyone feels free to express their ideas, with direct and easy access to department managers and company executives.  Employee share ownership reinforces this participative and collaborative culture.

Teamwork, loyalty 
and conviviality 

Our human-scale team and the loyalty of our employees enable us to build strong, pleasant and lasting relationships. We regularly organise get-togethers such as Techna Live, which brought together all our subsidiaries in 2022. These events contribute to the conviviality within the Group.

Consideration, autonomy... and parity!

At Techna, trust is paramount. We encourage independence, autonomy and risk-taking by accepting the right to make mistakes. To ensure that everyone finds their place within the Group, we are fully committed to equal opportunities. Our gender equality index will reach 78 out of 100 by 2024. 

Open to the world!

At Techna, the vast majority of our employees work on an international scale. Frequent exchanges between the Group's 11 subsidiaries, 7 of which are abroad, provide our teams with valuable opportunities to enrich their knowledge and culture and broaden their professional horizons. 

International Aqua