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a class of students
a class of students

Our youth policy

Training, support, growth

Unlimited potential, capacity for transformation... Young people have a lot to offer.

We strive to create an environment where new ideas can emerge, where young people can make their mark, explore new avenues and shape the future of our industry.

Our youth policy offers apprenticeship opportunities, personalised support and career development prospects within the Group.

Etudiants devant un ordinateur

 Growing at Techna


subsidiaries in France and abroad


countries to build an international career

80 %

integration of employees on VIE (voluntary international service) contracts


vision: to use science and technical innovation to meet the challenges of food safety and public health

Discover a sector in the throes of change...

and help transform animal nutrition and health practices

Faced with a growing world population, the animal production sector is booming and constantly evolving. 

This is why we constantly invest in research and innovation to develop new technologies and deploy new solutions in response to the challenges faced by our customer-partners. At Techna, we encourage every talented person to contribute their ideas and participate in the continuous improvement of animal nutrition and health practices in order to optimise the performance, efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production.

Expertise volaille

Relying on cutting-edge technology

... is the driving force behind our growth and our customers' performance.
Scientific and technical innovation has always been at the heart of our business.
Our teams offer innovative nutritional solutions tailored to the specific needs of each link in the animal production chain, based on the Group's research.

International reach

... and gain valuable experience in a globalised world.
The Techna Group is expanding dynamically internationally, with subsidiaries in 8 countries on several continents.

Preparing for the future

... join our teams and contribute to food security and the sustainability of global food production.
The Techna Group is committed to promoting responsible practices in the animal nutrition sector, favouring the optimal use of resources, animal welfare and combating antibiotic resistance in particular.

Committed to young talent

Local support

Supporting young people is a priority for Techna. Our teams maintain close relations with schools, taking part in partnerships or forums and establishing lasting links with students.

We aim to encourage the transfer of knowledge by welcoming a large number of interns and work-study students to the Group every year.

Etudiants bibliothèque

Opportunities in France and abroad

We offer young candidates a wide range of opportunities: jobs, work placements, sandwich courses, as well as training programmes to help them progress professionally.

Our growing international expansion offers opportunities for Volontariat International en Entreprise (VIE) placements for young people wanting to gain experience abroad.

Plusieurs drapeaux

 Joining Techna also means enjoying a friendly environment

Internal events, sporting activities...

We believe that simple relationships and a warm, positive working environment are essential.
Together, we celebrate our successes and share moments of conviviality

Our teams get together regularly to share experiences, such as sporting activities or internal events.

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Pique Nique Techna

Meet our young employees on work-study or VIE programmes

Read the testimonies of Sylvain, Anaïs and Rémi

Photo Sylvain
  • Volailles

"I'm currently in my 2nd year of a Master's degree in Statistics and Life Data with a specialism in Mathematics and Applications at the University of Poitiers. My main task is to analyse data from different sources to come up with results that will help species specialists in their work. At Techna, my tutor and I organise an average of one weekly meeting, sometimes more, so that I can make progress in my work. Finally, I'd like to add that the good atmosphere within the company means that I can develop in a friendly and caring environment".

Anaïs apprentie TECHNA, école d'ingénieur ESA d'Angers
Apprenticeship study in the aquaculture department
  • Aquaculture

"I'm a 4th year agricultural engineering student at ESA in Angers, specialising in animal production, and I'm currently an apprentice at Techna. I was given a warm welcome on my arrival. I followed an induction programme that enabled me to meet the various departments and visit the Malville production plant.

My main task concerns the use of enzymes in aquaculture formulas. My role involves working with several departments: R&D, purchasing and ingredients, as well as carrying out laboratory experiments. I have twice-weekly follow-ups with my tutor and can call on him at any time if necessary.

At Techna, I appreciate the independence I'm given, as well as the support and friendliness of my colleagues. The pleasant working atmosphere also contributes to my professional fulfilment."

Photo de Rémi VIE chez Techna Afrique Centrale et Ouest

"I did my 5th year work placement in animal production engineering at Techna. This experience enabled me to immerse myself in the field of precision feeding for 6 months, after which they offered me the chance to continue the adventure, first as a formulator for 8 months and then as a VIE within our Techna Central and West Africa subsidiary in Abidjan.
My role is multi-faceted, ranging from formulation to training, with responsibility for the Cameroon and Mali markets. I'm also involved in business development and the creation of scientific dossiers for our products. I benefit from solid supervision from two direct superiors. Professionally, TECHNA offers me an exceptional opportunity to fulfil my dream of exploring Africa while developing in the field of animal production. My goal is to become an expert in monogastrics."