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Wefeed poultry application on smartphone
Wefeed poultry application on smartphone

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Simplify data management and analyze your farm’s performance

Developed for performance analysis, decision-making and profitability, WeFeed Poultry seeks progress in poultry production

Module 1 : WeFeed Breeder 
To support the breeder in his daily life

Its avantages : 

  • Monitoring of performance indicators during the flock
  • Simplification of flock document management (feed delivery, veterinarian prescription, water quality ...)

Module 2 : WeFeed Technician
To assess the situation on farms

Its avantages : 

  • Objectify the farm situation by means of guided visits and audits
  • Confirming strengths
  • Detecting the levers for improvement

Module 3 : WeFeed Cooperative
To refine your technical economic and feed strategy

Its avantages : 

  • Understand your evolution on different criteria
  • Compare your performance and choices in relation to others


Module 4 : WeFeed Simulation
Best axis of development according to your context

Its avantages : 

  • Anticipate the impact of strategic choices, such as :
    •  Hatchery simulation
    • Impact of the production model
    • Nutrition and feeding
    • Margins
    • Responses to slaughterhouse demands

Module 5 : WeFeed Datascope 
To visualize market sector statistics

Its avantages: 

  • Quick access to various reliable statistical sources
  • User-friendly tool : dynamic visualisation for better data comprehension
Module Datascope

Feedia embodies Techna's range of advice and solutions in breeding techniques and precision nutrition, serving the performance of production organisations, feed manufacturers and their breeder customers.