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WF Detox

  • Aquaculture

WF Detox, Mitigate the impact of White Feces Syndrome


White Feces is a complex syndrome with lots of information remaining unknown regarding its causality and occurrence. WF Detox uses the benefits of its ingredients to prepare shrimp to face White Feces outbreak and reduce its negative impacts through:

  • Hepatopancreas protection and anti-inflammatory,
  • Reducing pathogen loads,
  • Supporting the immune system of the animal,
  • Providing antioxidant protection.

It is recommended to use WF Detox when environment is favorable to White Feces outbreak, as per the following conditions:

  • Elevated temperature,
  • Low water quality (pH, Alkalinity, O2,Nitrogen…),
  • Fast fluctuations of above listed parameters,
  • Elevated pathogens in the environment,
  • High shrimp densities.


  • Powder

Incorporated into feed. Rate to be adjusted according to product concentration, species and physiological stage.

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