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A mare and her foal in a meadow
A mare and her foal in a meadow

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Year after year, breeders face many challenges: ensuring that their stallions have good semen, improving fertility, promoting good gestation and lactation in broodmares, ensuring safe foaling for both the mare and her foal, guaranteeing good weaning, promoting the healthy development and growth of both foals and yearlings, etc. From reproduction to gestation, right through to the development and growth of the foals: each stage deserves to be monitored and requires special attention, so that the investment and dreams behind each breeding have the best possible chance of producing a healthy foal with maximum potential.

To support breeders through these different stages, PaskaCheval offers a range of targeted feed supplements to ensure that the rations adapted to each horse are well balanced and optimised. These complex supplements include plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins and minerals.

External care products also complement PaskaCheval’s range of breeding products, to ensure maximum well-being for horses on a daily basis.

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A complete range of innovative and technical products to meet the needs of horse breeders and trainers

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Why PaskaCheval?

A complete range of innovative and technical products

to meet the needs of the racing, breeding, sports and leisure horses. More than 70 references, available in different presentations, including:

- nutritional, mineral and vitamin supplements

- external care products for legs and coat

- products for the care of riding leathers

Committed to the performance and well-being of every horse

- Holistic approach to equine health, supporting and stimulating the horse's various physiological functions

- Tailor-made supplements

- Products dedicated to reproduction, foal growth and development, support for the musculoskeletal system and the respiratory and digestive systems

Natural, plant-based solutions that respect horses' health

- Knowledge of around a hundred plants, their active ingredients and their biological properties.

- Expertise in combining plant compounds to optimise the performance and health of horses

- A preventive approach, for sensible use of medication

Services and technical support tailored to your needs

- A local sales and consultancy network drawn from the world of racing and equestrian sports

- Responsive delivery tailored to your needs, with a network of national and international distributors and sales teams on the ground

- Tailor-made nutritional programmes

- Support from our agricultural engineers, nutritionists and vets

Recognised effectiveness

- 60 years of expertise and results in the field

- Products validated by professionals in the field: riders, trainers, breeders, vets, etc.

- More than 600 French professionals trust us

Made in France, with certified quality

- Our products are manufactured in Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthe and Malville, in France

- Our plants are certified RCNA, Feed chain alliance, suitable for organic farming

- Guaranteed traceability from raw material sourcing to quality control of finished products

- A partnership with the French Horse Racing Laboratory to certify a range of non-doping products

Paskacheval is a range of plant-based feed supplements and external care products designed to enhance the performance and well-being of every horse.