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Antibiotic resistance and a reduction in the use of allopathic solutions are leading farmers to turn to prevention, with the aim of boosting their herd's immunity. 

Health through nutrition is at the heart of our business. Our range is based on solid knowledge of active plant ingredients and longstanding expertise in animal physiology. More than fifty years of trials on livestock farms and feedback from breeders have enabled our natural plant-based solutions to evolve towards an efficacy equivalent to that of chemical molecules. The functioning of various target organs is improved by our nutritional solutions. 

Support for the lungs reduces the risk of respiratory disease in cattle during periods of stress and environmental change.  The functions of the liver and pancreas, particularly detoxification, need to be supported during dietary transitions. The intestine is involved in ruminant digestion and the integrated management of parasitic infestations such as strongyles, paramphistoma, flukes and tapeworms. 

In calves, our natural solutions aim to build up the immunity of young ruminants, reduce diarrhoea caused by viruses or food and manage respiratory, intestinal and parasitic diseases. 

Our nutritional solutions for goats and ewes boost their immune status and digestive functions.

Reproduction is a complex process, and we consider the uterus to be the main organ. Our range of boluses ensures that the uterus of dairy and suckler cows remains active during reproduction. From drying off to insemination, including preparation for calving and accelerating uterine involution, Natual is renowned for its effective alternatives, in particular Metrabol, which is used by 15% of dairy farmers. 

For the farmer, the benefits of prevention are palpable: better health, longevity and well-being for the animals, peace of mind and ease of herd management, lower veterinary costs, increased profitability for the farm, access to demanding specifications, fewer interventions and less time on call. A whole raft of benefits!

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Epatral supports liver and pancreatic functions of digestion and detoxification.
  • Ruminants


Metrabol bolus helps the uterus to quickly return in a functional status after calving. It is suited...
  • Ruminants


Supports the placental expulsion during the hours after calving
  • Ruminants


Acetobol supports the cow’s metabolic functions in early lactation
  • Ruminants


Taribol “Natural dry-off ”
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Nutritional solutions that can be used as part of somatic cell count reduction plans in cattle
  • Ruminants


Nutrabol accompanies the establishment and maintenance of immune protection (premunity) of cattle du...
  • Ruminants


Support to the end of gestation and to calving preparation
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  • Ruminants


Management of lame cows
  • Ruminants


Secures the young age period, weaning and growth when confronted to parasitic risk of protozoa type
  • Ruminants

Imunobol Veal

Assists in building up immunity
  • Ruminants


Chev’Tonic : Preparation for goats’ parturition
  • Ruminants


Nutrasem accompanies the establishment and maintenance of ruminants’ parasitic premunition and contr...
  • Ruminants


Integrated management of parasitic risk for cattle, sheep and goats
  • Ruminants


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Premel 35 BKP

Premel 35 BKP is the essential nutritional solution for managing the risk of respiratory disorders i...
  • Ruminants


Integrated management of parasitic risks on young ruminants beyond 15 days of age
  • Ruminants


Sustains ruminants' dry-off
  • Ruminants


Calving preparation and support at the end of gestation
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  • Ruminants


Respartral allow the reduction of acute respiratory troubles from bacterial origin
  • Ruminants


The first bolus designed to support calves’ breathing functions
  • Ruminants


Assists in building up the immunity of calves and young cattle
Stressibol : aliment complémentaire minéral diététique
  • Ruminants


Secure your fattening start-up
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Improve reproduction’s success rate and prolificity

Natual is a range of plant-based nutritional supplements designed to support the physiological functions of farm animals and crops, and in particular their natural defences.