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Integrated management of parasitic risk for cattle, sheep and goats


Distral  accompanies the establishment and maintenance of ruminants’ parasitic premunition and contributes to the balance between the host and the parasite at the gastrointestinal level. 

The synergy between the elements of the DISTRAL formula containing vitamin A, copper and plants (thyme, garlic, oregano and oak tannins) helps managing the parasitic risk within the rumen. In addition, vitamin A and copper contribute to maintain the integrity of the digestive epithelium and immunity.

Mains benefits: 

  • Helps manage the risk of related to the presence of Paramphistome

  • Improves milk  production in the presence ruminal parasitism

Exists in BIO version


  • Plants : Thyme, Garlic, Tansy

  • Biochemistry

  • Aromatic substances


  • Liquid
  • Pellets
  • Powder
  • Powder formula 15kg, 25kg

  • Formula pellets 15kg, 25kg

  • Liquid 5L, 25L

Instructions for use

DISTRAL’s administration is recommended one month after ruminants return to stable. This period corresponds to the manifestations of the parasitic risk in the rumen (rumen fluke adult phase). Depending on the parasitic risk in the farm, administration is modulated from 10 to 20 days. It is followed three weeks later by a second sequence of 10 days. DISTRAL’s administration is also possible during grazing.

  • Weaned cattle

¬ High pressure :

50 g per day per head for 21 days, repeat 21 days later

¬ Low pressure :

50 g per day per head, 2 doses 10 days apart, 3 weeks apart.

  •  Weaned goats

10 to 20g per head per day, depending on weight

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Natual is a range of plant-based nutritional supplements designed to support the physiological functions of farm animals and crops, and in particular their natural defences.