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Testimonials of professionals and enthusiasts

Picture of Edouard Legendre
Legendre Edouard
International Eventing rider
  • Sport & Loisirs

"I've been one of the riders sponsored by Paskacheval for several years now. I discovered the brand through a friend who introduced me to these technical solutions. As soon as I tried the products, I was won over by their performance. They work really, really well. What I look for and appreciate above all is that these products are natural and healthy for my horses.

In terms of nutrition, for example, I use Algua Digest to help with liver drainage on a daily basis and after competitions. On the care side, I use Argile des Iles Chausey all year round and Paskadouce, a revolutionary solution that works on everything! It's a real pleasure for me to wear the colours of this French brand for its top-level technical products that are healthy for my horses."

Haras de la Paumardière
Haras de la Paumardière
horse boarding
La Paumardière, 53170 Bazougers
  • Elevage

"We have been using it on the whole team for 4 years and have had no problems. The Paskafoal is very nice.
No osteo problems on the foals. They had good growth and good success in the race.
Used on orphans: it was a great success. Used on mares that lack milk: it proved perfect.
We start using it on foals from 1 month and a half."

Caroline B témoignage
Caroline B
  • Sport & Loisirs

"At the French Championship, there are a lot of flies, but especially horseflies. The Paska'fly was very effective especially on the day of the POR in TREC where we were in the forest for 3-4h and we were never bothered by horseflies or even stung. The smell is more pleasant than some of the products sold on the market."

cheval galop champ
Aurélie V
  • Sport & Loisirs
Leather care

"Cleaning very little of my material this soap is easy and quick to use. The result is immediate. Use it with the leather balm and the result is even better. The leather is well nourished and supple."

Picture of Darryl Walker
Walker Darryl
International show jumping rider
  • Sport & Loisirs

"I'm delighted to become a Paskacheval ambassador. I've already tested some of the products. They have all shown a high level of performance. From leather care to nutritional supplements, the range of solutions is wide and covers all my needs. I hope we can share some great sporting successes together!"

Paskacheval is a range of plant-based feed supplements and external care products designed to enhance the performance and well-being of every horse.