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Two people in a feed factory
Two people in a feed factory

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Technological and Quality assistance for animal feed manufacturing

Supporting your industrial activity, optimisation your industrial processes, assisting in your industrial development. These are the missions of our technology department, whose recognised know-how is based on

  • a wide international network of feed manufacturers and industrial partners,
  • our own production of additive premixes on our sites,
  • a constant exchanges within the sector,
  • and a renewed knowledge of technologies related to animal feed.

Our technological support services are complementary to field analysis, quality control plans, laboratory analysis, etc. They are divided into three areas of expertise.

Deux personnes devant un écran d'ordinateur dans une usine

Quality and Regulatory Support

This involves providing a response to your feed plant issues following the detection of a problem on farms or in the factory. This response is based on the search for correlations between the detected problem on the field and the manufacturing process, as well as on the analysis of critical points in the activity.

Our services include:

  • Implementation and interpretation of different types of control plan: audit of ingredients used and identification of potential risks, blend homogeneity test, inter-batch transfer test, recovery test for micro-liquids such as enzymes.
  • Regulatory watch: We constantly monitor compliance with current standards and anticipate future developments.
  • Response to your specific regulatory issues summary of regulations on labelling, undesirable substances and hazardous products
  • Guidance on the application of regulations: audit-diagnosis, advice, regular updates on regulatory developments, etc.

Optimisation of industrial processes

Process optimisation is a key issue for any feed manufacturer. We integrate it from several aspects:

  • Technological and industrial diagnostics, including site visits, analysis of manufacturing processes to optimise unit operations (dosing, grinding, mixing, granulation, coating, enzyming, storage, etc.), analysis of incoming and outgoing flows and traceability monitoring.
  • Training on the quality of feed manufactured in a facility through the management parameters of the different unit operations.
  • Audit of your suppliers, which may include a site visit, control of specifications respect and various quality controls.

Each visit is the subject of recommendations and improvement proposals through a closing meeting and a visit report.

Machine dans  une usine d'aliments

Industrial development

In your industrial projects, our support concerns the setting-up  of new processes: complete manufacturing lines, unit operations of dosing, crushing, mixing, granulation, and quality controls such as durability, hardness, granulometry, humidity, water activity. We also provide project management assistance and recommendations for equipment purchase.

  • Are you looking for customised recommendations to ensure the quality of your products in complete safety and confidentiality?
  • Do you want to enhance your industrial expertise to achieve your performance objectives (manufacturing capacity, production costs, etc.)?
  • Do you want to be supported in your investments in equipment or in the implementation of a new process?

Our technology and quality assistance is available to all our feed manufacturer customers. It is an integral part of our service contracts.

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