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Taritral Swine

  • Swine

Sustains sows' dry-off


TARITRAL assists the physiological changes related to weaning and return on heat. This products is used in different formats which vary according to the species: sows, cows, goats, dairy and milk ewes.

For all these species, TARITRAL is used to sustain changes in metabolism during the dry period. This action ensures that the animal's productive capacities stay alert through the dry-off period: functional teats (sows) and udder integrity (ruminants). 

TARITRAL is composed of sage, horsetail and nettle. The magnesium contained in TARITRAL contributes to reducing weaning stress and sustains a prompt return to estrus

TARITRAL is available in a form that complies with the specifications of organic farming.

Mains benefits : 

• Reduce weaning stress reactions 

• Accelerate the end of milk secretion and participate in the good return in heat of the sows

 • Promote mammary involution and preserve teats integrity and functionality

Exists in BIO version


  • Plants: Sage, Horsetail, Common nettle

  •  Magnesium chloride, zinc


  • Liquid

Liquid: 5 and 25 liter

Instructions for use

TARITRAL must be used after piglets’ separation from their mother. The day of weaning, we advice a single distribution of TARITRAL mixed in 500g of feed after separation from piglets.For a better dry-off process, it is advised to implement a few changes in the sow’s environment: box changes, shower and boar presentation...

Throughout maternity, TARITRAL is administered in association with MIXTRAL. It thereby contributes to substantially reducing sows’ summer infertility.

150 ml per sow to distribute in one time mixed with 500 g feed on the morning of weaning, after separation of the piglets. It is necessary to respect weaning technical conditions.

Natual is a range of plant-based nutritional supplements designed to support the physiological functions of farm animals and crops, and in particular their natural defences.