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Soya bag with a curve at the back
Soya bag with a curve at the back

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How to optimise production costs in animal nutrition?

You are an animal nutrition manufacturer and you want to optimise the cost of your feed. Techna can help you analyse your value chain with the aim of identifying ways to improve your performance. Discover Feedia's advice and solutions.

1 - Analysing the animal nutrition value chain

Optimising production costs requires a detailed analysis of the animal nutrition value chain. By visualising the entire process, from raw materials to finished products (feed, milk, meat, eggs, etc.), Techna helps feed manufacturers to identify inefficiencies, waste and potential areas for improvement.
Because each value chain is unique, Techna adapts to each customer's optimisation project. We make a point of prioritising your objectives, which may be of different kinds:

  • Reducing feed costs or the final product,
  • Solving health or zootechnical problems in livestock farming,
  • Increasing overall performance, such as animal growth and productivity
  • Improving the quality of the end product (milk, meat, eggs, etc.)
  • Implementing alternative solutions to meet the needs of a specific market, and so on.
Expert volaille au milieu de poussins
Solving health or zootechnical problems on livestock farms

This holistic vision, from the sample to the trough, guides our experts in the development of solutions in line with the technical and economic objectives of livestock farms, the expectations of consumers and society as a whole.

"Our responsibility is to provide added value at every level of the nutrition chain, whatever the farming system".

2 - Identify the levers for optimising your food production costs

There are many ways to optimise production costs in animal nutrition: new raw materials, readjustment of the matrix value of raw materials, optimisation of nutritional recommendations or even the use of additives... These avenues for improvement, alone or combined, represent potential savings of up to €30 per tonne of compound feed.

Graphique : 6  ways to optimise your feed costs

2.1. Characterising and adjusting raw materials

It all starts with a detailed nutritional assessment of your raw materials. The performance of a feed depends heavily on the quality of the raw materials it contains. Techna's formulators use robust analyses and matrix expertise to guide their customers towards potential sources of cost reduction. The selection of a new raw material or reformulation with a matrix readjustment are two avenues that can represent savings of €1 to €4 per tonne of reconstituted feed.

2.2 Drawing up feed specifications

Did you know that revising nutritional standards is one of the most effective ways of optimising your production costs? Techna provides you with its expertise in building or adjusting your feed specifications to meet your objectives. Techna develops nutritional standards based on its research and experience in the field. These standards can be adapted to each species, strain, physiological stage, environment, etc. and must enable you to achieve your objectives. Techna estimates potential savings of €1 to €10 per tonne of feed. Don't hesitate to contact us to optimise your specifications.

3 - Equip yourself with effective management and decision-making tools

From upstream to downstream in the animal nutrition chain, Techna designs digital tools to help you monitor your performance and make the right decisions to optimise your production costs.

  • Graphix: track changes in raw material prices to adjust your purchasing strategy and temper the sharpest price fluctuations.
  • Black Box: create your raw materials or feed matrices directly online with Black Box in just a few clicks. The key to this is agility and responsiveness in the event of a change in raw materials.
  • Extralab: monitor quality control plans with Extralab, which aggregates your data (physico-chemical analyses, NIR, etc.) to avoid wastage or loss of performance on the final feed.
  • Wefeed: manage the technical and economic performance of farms (pigs, poultry and rabbits) with interfaces designed to meet the needs of each player: farmers, technicians, producer organisations. One objective: to make your farms more competitive.

Numerous other digital solutions have been developed by Feedia experts, both general-purpose (Cartalim, Easymap, etc.) and specialised by species (Aviperf layers, etc.).

Smartphone et écran Wefeed lapin

4 – Surrounding yourself with multi-species and industry experts

Techna's strength lies in its methods, services and digital solutions, but above all in the men and women who deploy them alongside you every day. Our teams are proud to support you in your development. Our cash specialists work hand in hand with our business experts (laboratory, formulation, industry, etc.). These skills inevitably overlap with yours. We're very committed to this working philosophy, where everyone contributes their know-how to a shared goal.

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Support in the field

Talk to our experts

Feedia embodies Techna's range of advice and solutions in breeding techniques and precision nutrition, serving the performance of production organisations, feed manufacturers and their breeder customers.