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Evoluer chez Techna
Evoluer chez Techna

Career opportunities at Techna

The support of an SME, the opportunities of a Group

At Techna, we believe in the power of continuous learning and professional development to enable our teams to reach their full potential.

We encourage a spirit of innovation and professional mobility, so that every employee can fulfill his or her potential and help shape the future of our Group.

Equipe autour d'un bureau

Welcoming, integrating and supporting new talent

Supporting new recruits

Each of our employees benefits from an induction programme tailored to his or her profile.
For several months, with the support of one or more tutors, we make it easier for our new talent to take up their position, adapt and develop their skills.

Find out more about our businesses and expertise

Proximity and communication between departments is a priority for us.
For Techna’s success it's important members of teams meet the Managing Director and work with other departments, etc. Through mixing with all colleagues, not just those in our immediate team we increase the chances of getting to know each other better and working together more effectively.

Providing a springboard for young people

Techna aims to provide a springboard for the careers of the younger generation by offering a wide range of internship, work-study and VIE opportunities. Our young employees also benefit from close support from their mentor(s).

A comprehensive induction programme

Photo de Anthony Responsable fabrication maintenance
Manufacturing Maintenance Manager

"After a degree in chemical engineering/process engineering and a number of professional experiences in line operation, planning management and production management, I wanted to steer my career towards a position with a managerial component. I was taken on by Techna in May 2023 to replace the Manufacturing Maintenance Manager.  I benefited from a real induction programme, starting with interviews with various employees to gain a better understanding of Techna's businesses and challenges. For 2 continuous months, I worked in tandem with the person I was replacing. It was a very rewarding 2 months, during which I was able to learn the particularities of the job and the plant. I appreciated the availability of my colleagues and their willingness to pass on their knowledge, provide training and take the time to explain the specifics of maintenance and manufacturing."

Photo de Sabrina assistante ADV Paskacheval
Paskacheval Sales Administration Assistant

I joined the Paskacheval team 7 months ago as a Sales Administration Assistant. 
As soon as I arrived, my manager trained me from A to Z . He helped me with all the tasks involved in the job and trained me in the various IT tools. The induction programme set up by Techna also enabled me to find out about other jobs related to my activity, such as accounting, marketing and export sales administration. I also visited the two French production sites and spent a day with a technical sales representative. Today, to supplement my skills, I continue to have a few in-house training sessions.

Support, training, growth

Training is central to our business. For us, staying at the cutting edge of innovation and technical excellence means constantly developing the skills of our employees.

That's why we invest in advanced training programmes tailored to the changing needs of our teams.

Photo réunion de travail entre 3 personnes

From internship to job

Photo de Camille Kervella
Product Formulation Manager

"I did my end-of-studies placement (Agricultural Engineering at UniLaSalle Beauvais) in Techna's Pork Department. After 6 months' work experience, I joined the Product Formulation team as a formulator on a permanent contract. Three years later, Techna asked me to take over responsibility for the Product Formulation department. I had to manage a team of 2 people, which was something new for me. To support me in my development, Techna offered me management coaching for a year. I really appreciated these moments of exchange with the coach. She was able to help me find and understand the management style that suited me best. Six years have gone by since I started my internship at Techna and I appreciate the support I've received to help me flourish in my professional life."

Photo collaborateur Timothé
NIR Engineer

"I completed my agri-food engineering course at ONIRIS as an internship at Techna. After graduating, I was hired as an NIR engineer. My main task is to develop NIR calibrations. I also update and follow up customers' equipment. I often work independently, always based on trust. I'm not alone, I have a manager to talk to. I'm not a very sociable person, yet I find that Techna has a good atmosphere, very professional and at the same time very cheerful, which puts me at ease. It makes you want to develop further and recommend the company."

Growing at Techna

3 to 6 months'

personalised tutoring when taking up the position.

800 hours

of manager training by 2022

700 hours

of safety training by 2022 

11 subsidiaries

in France and abroad ... and as many opportunities for mobility 

Opportunities in France and abroad

With operations in 8 countries and on several continents, the Techna Group offers numerous opportunities for geographic, business line and subsidiary mobility, which are conducive to the career development of our employees.

This cross-disciplinary approach to business and geography offers a host of advantages, including enhanced skills, the acquisition of a global vision and the creation of solid international professional networks.

At Techna, you can build a dynamic and progressive career by seizing opportunities for growth within the Group.

Réunion Techna entre 2 personnes

They are building their international careers...

Photo collaboratrice Océane
Technical Coordinator Techna Central and West Africa

"After graduating as an agricultural engineer (ESA, Angers) and gaining some initial work experience in France, I was looking for a job in a service company. As I've always had an interest in international work, Techna's VIE offer for its subsidiary in Côte d'Ivoire caught my eye. I was particularly interested in the assignments on offer, especially as I didn't know the country, which included field visits, formulation, customer follow-up and training. It was a great opportunity for me to discover a new environment and a new culture. I spent 2 years as a VIE with Techna in Central and West Africa, where I was able to help poultry farmers and feed manufacturers improve their performance and results. I was then taken on as a technical coordinator in the subsidiary, where I've worked for the last 3 years."