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  • Swine

Epatral supports the liver's digestive and detoxification functions


Support of liver detoxification functions

  • To use at sow’s lactation start to improve digestion and milk production, and thus increase the weight of piglets at weaning (+ 3,3 %)

Relaunch appetite of sows and, growing and finishing pigs


Plants: turmeric, artichoke - Mix of flavoring substances


  • Liquid

Liquid 5 and 25 L

Instructions for use

It is recommended to use EPATRAL on the entire band during dietary transitions or in case of digestive disorder or bad digestion. EPATRAL must be administered on a 6-day sequence. An administration of this product every six months is the minimum recommended.

- Sows: 30 ml per sow and per day for 6 days after farrowing.
- Fattening pigs: 10 to 30 ml per pig and per day for 6 days.

Natual is a range of plant-based nutritional supplements designed to support the physiological functions of farm animals and crops, and in particular their natural defences.