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Pig farmers are looking for solutions to reduce the use of chemical molecules and manage the pressure of pathogenic bacteria. A herd in good health, protected by natural plant-based products, means greater peace of mind when rearing pigs, lower veterinary costs and improved technical and economic performance. It also means easier access to specifications, a response to regulatory requirements and a positive image in line with society's expectations. 

At Natual, health through nutrition is at the heart of our business. We have a solid knowledge of active plant ingredients and extensive expertise in animal physiology. Fifty years of trials on livestock farms and feedback from the field demonstrate repeatable effectiveness. 

Herd immunity is built up throughout the animal's life by managing periods of stress and appropriate vaccinations. Farmers who use Natual solutions notice a reduction in stress in their pigs at every stage of rearing, and improved immune defences against viruses and bacteria. 

Natual products are also recognised for their use in maternity wards and farrowing pens to improve sow productivity. Around farrowing time, our solutions amplify hormonal functions, reducing farrowing and delivery times. In addition, the frequency of sows suffering from hyperthermia is reduced. Weaning is also an important time. Our nutritional supplements enable sows to resume their sexual cycle more quickly and return to heat more easily, by rapidly interrupting milk secretion. 

For sows in production, the proper functioning of the filtering organs (liver, pancreas and kidneys) is essential. Our drainage solutions help to improve feed intake, milk production and the integrity of the urinary tract.  

The Natual range offers livestock farmers a range of solutions to meet the problems of the field and the challenges of tomorrow.

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Natual is a range of plant-based nutritional supplements designed to support the physiological functions of farm animals and crops, and in particular their natural defences.