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A hand above a field of wheat
A hand above a field of wheat

Thorough knowledge of raw materials and ingredients

From economic optimisation and specifications to matrix management, raw materials testing, formulation and quality controls, we support our clients at every stage of the animal feed design and manufacturing process.

Over 40,000 raw materials

As precision nutrition experts, our formulators possess a deep understanding of the sectors, the regional specifics and the physiological needs of livestock.

They carefully test our raw materials, focusing on consistent composition, safety, competitive pricing and the optimal nutritional value at the most cost-effective rate.

We consistently enrich our database in collaboration with our clients, boasting no fewer than 40,000 raw materials. It includes a wide selection of cereals, co-products, minerals and additives.

Together, we create nutritional solutions that are both highly effective and sustainable.

several raw materials

At the cutting edge of technology

For tailored formulations

To design our solutions, we leverage cutting-edge technological tools such as infrared analysis and customised formulation matrices, and provide feed manufacturers with reliable and accurate predictions that meet the highest standards of efficacy and sustainability.

We analyse various distinct nutritional criteria to determine the technical, financial and environmental value of each raw material.

Our goal is to deliver optimal nutritional solutions that promote animal well-being and our clients' performance.

Wheat fields

Rapid and precise infrared analysis

Thanks to our fast analysis tools like Near-Infrared (NIR), we conduct frequent and rapid checks on numerous batches of raw materials, continuously testing ingredient parameters and uniformity.

As experts in the utilisation of this technology, we offer customised equations to quickly analyse sample parameters.

A powerful formulation matrix

Our formulation matrix, a flagship of Techna's research and development, scrutinises hundreds of data points to predict the nutritional value of a raw material, based on key values such as moisture, protein, dietary fibre, etc.

The raw material parameters are recalculated and the feed composition is updated every month.

Maximising feed performance

Our matrix considers over 300 evaluation criteria, including twenty specifically related to energy parameters. It generates tailored formulas to counteract any variability, ensuring optimal and consistent feed and fodder performance. This approach prevents zootechnical underperformance and financial losses.

Photo Sebastien Douet
Sébastien Douet
Feedia Technical and Formulation Director

"Our extremely accurate assessments are a true advantage for our clients. We characterise the chemical values, amino acid content, energy values and digestibility of the raw materials. We incorporate the specific characteristics of each species into our analysis, be it for finishing or fattening chickens, lactating cows, carnivorous or omnivorous fish, or other animals. We also consider digestible, crude and net energy fractions that are used for producing milk and meat. With Techna's database, our clients effortlessly manage all of these parameters, saving them valuable time and streamlining their decision-making process."

Formulating high-precision feed


ingredients that can comprise your feed

40 000

 listed raw materials


nutrients characterising our raw materials

In vivo trials and laboratory analyses

Our research infrastructure is dedicated to continuously enhancing animal performance and well-being.

Our approach encompasses all levels of experimentation, ranging from in vivo trials on farms to laboratory analyses. We work with Euronutrition, one of Europe's largest nutrition research centres, as well as several partner trial farms and numerous institutions and universities, both in France and internationally.

Thanks to this comprehensive approach, we possess a vast trial database, enabling us to formulate the most effective solutions throughout the animal's life cycle.

Hand holding a vial over a corn kernel

For tangible results in the field

Our aim is to improve the performance of the feed, the animals and the livestock industry as a whole. We have the flexibility to adapt to any specifications, including organic farming, Label Rouge, free-range production, and more.

We are fully committed to maximising the nutritional quality of our solutions while enhancing the financial performance of feed manufacturers and livestock farms, generating savings of up to €30* per tonne of feed produced.

*Estimated savings are provided for informational purposes only, and Techna France Nutrition does not guarantee similar results.

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