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Alongside professionals and horse enthusiasts

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Paskacheval embodies Techna's health nutrition and equine care range, dedicated to professionals and horse enthusiasts.

The history of the brand is a history of passion. It begins with a passion for horses. It's no coincidence that the PaskaCheval brand was born in 1959 near Craon, in the Mayenne region of France, the Mecca of horse racing. From the 1960s onwards, our commitment to performance was very well received and has remained with us ever since. Our expertise and the technical nature of our products have won us over and are now adopted by the world of racing, breeding, sports and leisure.

Our second passion plays an equally vital role in our history: the knowledge and use of plants. The vast majority of our products are formulated using active plant ingredients. We believe in the formidable power of combining science and nature. Phytotherapy has been a conscious choice from the very beginning of the PaskaCheval brand.

Passion is also at the heart of our relationships with our partners, and is a collective commitment. Our advisors and scientific experts, all from the world of horses, put their experience and expertise at the service of our customers every day. From the preliminary study of their needs to the analysis of the results, we provide a personalised response to their expectations.

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A complete range of innovative and technical products to meet the needs of the racing, breeding, sports and leisures horses.

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They trust us

Picture of Edouard Legendre
Edouard Legendre
International Eventing rider
  • Sport & Loisirs

"I've been one of the riders sponsored by Paskacheval for several years now. I discovered the brand through a friend who introduced me to these technical solutions. As soon as I tried the products, I was won over by their performance. They work really, really well. What I look for and appreciate above all is that they are natural and healthy products for my horses."

Haras de la Paumardière
Haras de la Paumardière
  • Elevage

"Paskafoal is very palatable. We've been using it on all our foals for 4 years. No osteopathic problems with the foals. They had good growth and good racing success. Used on orphans: excellent success. Used on mares lacking milk: it proved perfect. We are starting to use it on foals from 1 and a half months of age."

Picture of Kasper Hansen
Kasper Hansen
International Show Jumper
  • Sport & Loisirs

"One of my working mares started behaving very violently when she was in heat, especially in the stall. She had lost all concentration. She was very agitated and constantly called the other horses. So I gave her Cycle O'Calm. After 2 or 3 days, she was back to "normal", calm and gentle. I was very impressed by the effectiveness of the product. It's a relief because she wouldn't have been able to take part in the competition in that state!"

Picture of Darryl Walker
Darryl Walker
International Show Jumper
  • Sport & Loisirs

"I'm delighted to be a Paskacheval ambassador. I've already tested some of the products. They have all shown a high level of performance. From leather care to nutritional supplements, the range of solutions is wide and covers all my needs. I hope we can share some great sporting successes together!"


Alicia G
Horse enthusiast
  • Sport & Loisirs

"Lanocire balm is a great basic. It nourishes and moisturises the hoof all year round. Made from beeswax, it forms a thick layer that protects, nourishes and moisturises the hoof. It's now one of the basics in my grooming bag. Use it all year round!"

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Why Paskacheval?

A complete range of innovative and technical products

to meet the needs of the racing, breeding, sports and leisure industries. More than 70 references, available in different presentations, including:

- nutritional, mineral and vitamin supplements

- external care products for legs and coat

- products for the care of riding leathers

Committed to the performance and well-being of every horse

- Holistic approach to equine health, supporting and stimulating the horse's various physiological functions

- Tailor-made supplements

- Products dedicated to reproduction, foal growth and development, support for the musculoskeletal system and the respiratory and digestive systems

Natural, plant-based solutions that respect horses' health

- Knowledge of around a hundred plants, their active ingredients and their biological properties.

- Expertise in combining plant compounds to optimise the performance and health of horses

- A preventive approach, for sensible use of medication

Services and technical support tailored to your needs

- A local sales and consultancy network drawn from the world of racing and equestrian sports

- Responsive delivery tailored to your needs, with a network of national and international distributors and field sales teams

- Tailor-made nutritional programmes

- Support from our agricultural engineers, nutritionists and vets

Recognised effectiveness

- 60 years of expertise and results in the field

- Products validated by professionals in the field: riders, trainers, breeders, vets, etc.

- More than 600 French professionals trust us

Made in France and certified quality 

- Our products are manufactured in Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthe (49) and Malville (44).

- Plants certified RCNA, Feed chain alliance, Can be used in organic farming

- Guaranteed traceability from raw material sourcing to quality control of finished products

- A partnership with the French Horse Racing Laboratory to certify a range of non-doping products