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Silena Lac

  • Swine

Silena Lac, maternity consumption and litter ADG


Feedia offers Silena lac, a nutritional solution based on aromatic compounds to:  

  • Improve gilts and sows feed intake during lactation, their milk production and litter growth.
  • Maintain a good level of feed consumption in heat stress conditions (summer season, overheated maternity).
  • Avoid excessive body reserves mobilisation.

Benefits for the sow:

  • Improved spontaneous intake. Less feed refusals.
  • Better productivity (litter ADG).
  • Less loss of body condition

Benefits for the piglets:

  • Better ADG during lactation. Heavier at weaning (+420g).
  • Better survival rate. + 0.18 weaned.
  • More robust at weaning.


  • Powder

Incorporated into feed. Rate to be adjusted according to product concentration, species and physiological stage. 

Complementary offers

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