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Adiacid mix

  • Swine

Adiacid mix participates to balance digestive flora and maintain gut health


During challenging production contexts, animal can commonly face different digestive and flora unbalanced. As a consequence, performances could be impaired and farm profitability reduced.

Adiacid mix is a blend of organic acids carefully selected for their well-known effect to participate to maintain a balance digestive flora and gut health.

Adiacid mix: has two main mode of action in the digestive tract:

  • Decrease pH and reduce buffering capacity of the feed 
  • Participate to reduce buffering of some specific enterobacteria

Combined with our Feedia nutrition expertise, Adiacid mix helps to maintain an efficient digestive balance and animal performances.


  • Powder

Incorporated into feed. Rate to be adjusted according to product concentration, species and physiological stage.

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