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  • Swine

Drainage and detoxification


Reduce urinary stress reactions (Better bladder emptying, easier farrowing) 

  • Participate to urinary trouble management (natural acidification of urine: - 1 point pH) 
  • Sow welfare participate to piglet growth and improves reproduction performance


Plants: Boldo, Cranberry, Orthosiphon aristatus, Meadowsweet, Blackcurrent 

Magnesium chloride, trace elements (zinc), vitamin E 

Flavouring substances


  • Liquid

Liquid 5 and 25 L

Instructions for use

Sows: The recommended dose of Mixtral is 50 ml per sow a day for six days. Mixtral must be dispensed before the sow’s entry into the maternity in order to help to properly empty its bladder before farrowing.

This action later helps to reduce human intervention at parturition as well as the number of stillborn piglets. It is advised that Mixtral be administered a second time before the sow leaves the maternity pen or when it is in the boar pen. In such cases, the goal is to contribute to preserve the sow’s urinary tract.

When it is used during maternity, Mixtral can be associated with the Taritral at weaning in order to help reduce summer infertility in sows.
- 30 ml per sow and per day for 6 days, distribution before farrowing and before weaning

Natual is a range of plant-based nutritional supplements designed to support the physiological functions of farm animals and crops, and in particular their natural defences.