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Two people looking at a tablet in front of cattle
Two people looking at a tablet in front of cattle

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Drive farm performance with Techna

You are an animal nutrition manufacturer and you are involved on a daily basis with farmers in optimising their performance. You want to encourage progress on farms. Measure and adjust your strategy with our specialists in zootechnics, animal health and precision nutrition.

1 - Follow the Techna methodology in three steps

The Techna experts adopt a three-stage methodology, whatever the farming system and animal production (ruminant or landless production).

Stage 1 - Analysis of the situation

It all starts in the field, on the farm. Our zootechnical and health experts get to grips with the production context. The aim is to objectively assess the situation on the farm according to a range of technical and economic criteria. Farming conditions, the environment, animal health and welfare are also taken into account. Various zootechnical and health factors can affect animal production performance. This audit enables us to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the livestock production link, and to analyse them across the entire animal nutrition value chain, from upstream to downstream. It is also at this stage that we clarify your objectives before making our recommendation.

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Stage 2 - Designing and implementing your animal nutrition strategy

The Techna experts will make recommendations following this analysis and advise you on your technical and economic choices. Depending on the case, this support will involve adapting specifications, modifying raw material values, optimising the industrial process, adjusting nutritional specifications, optimising feed programmes or rations, etc. The recommended solutions and levers for improvement are many and varied. The solutions are tailored to the issues faced by each manufacturer and its sector (meat, milk, egg production, etc.).

Stage 3 - Monitoring and adjusting technical choices

The strategy is in place, now it's a question of monitoring whether the objectives you have set yourself are being achieved. Techna provides digital tools for checking and refining nutritional choices. Using a range of indicators, we monitor the technical and economic performance of farms, the effectiveness of animal health measures and production costs. 
Occasionally, some projects require technical choices to be tested in pilot units as part of an R&D approach before deployment is considered. Innovation is one of our missions, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Technical advice and choices

2 -Pilot performance with high value-added data.

Making the most of the data produced on livestock farms generates new management indicators with very high added value. These markers of technical and economic performance can be used to validate or adjust your nutritional choices and technical itineraries. With this in mind, Techna has designed a range of digital tools to facilitate data collection, analysis and interpretation, including Aviperf laying hens, Easy Map (ruminants) and Silena (pigs).
Wefeed has been specially designed to take a global approach to managing the technical and economic performance of poultry, rabbit and pig farms. The solution offers a range of modules and interfaces tailored to the type of user connected: the farmer, his technician, the organisation or the group of producers.

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3 - Call on experts in zootechnics and animal nutrition

For each project, Techna will bring together a multidisciplinary team.. Within our company, we have specialised experts for each animal species (poultry, ruminants, pigs, rabbits, aquaculture). These experts are capable of understanding the situation in its entirety: genetics, zootechnics, animal health, building, yield, quality, regulations, etc. In addition to these skills, we have technologists for feed manufacture, chemists for chemical and NIR analyses, and nutritionists and formulators for adjusting the values of raw materials and optimising feed formulas. Depending on the project, we may need to work with external experts to enhance our areas of expertise.

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Talk to our experts

Feedia embodies Techna's range of advice and solutions in breeding techniques and precision nutrition, serving the performance of production organisations, feed manufacturers and their breeder customers.