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Ensure the reliability and accuracy of our analyses

Our laboratory allows the analysis of raw materials, forages, additives, pre-mixes used in feed composition or feed rations, and forage. This step is essential to estimate the nutritional value of raw materials and validate the compliance of the manufactured feed. Laboratory support includes chemical analysis, proximal analysis, analysis of minerals, and cell wall constituents. These benefits come in addition to the examination of the physical parameters of your feed: hardness, durability, grain size.

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With more than 20,000 samples analysed each year (raw materials, compound feeds, forages, additives, premixes) and nearly 50 different analyses carried out in the laboratory, Techna’s expertise in this field has been a reference for 40 years. These services are the foundation of our laboratory support, dedicated to animal feed. 

Four other areas of expertise complete the offer of support:

  • Analysis of forages: more than 7500 analyses a year, 22 criteria analysed. The results of these analyses are automatically made available, sent by mail and immediately integrated into your rationing tools (Black Box Feed Tool).

  • NIR technology: setting our own calibrations, issuing analysis results within 24 - 48 hours after the reception of the sample. It is also possible to set up this technology in your own feed processing plants, through the following stages: advice on the acquisition of materials, a transfer of our know-how, the disposition of more than 40 calibrations of raw materials or feed. These calibrations are based on Techna's twenty years of experience in NIR analysis technology.

  • The dosage of enzymes in feed, pre-mixes or raw materials: phytase, xylanase, protease, amylase; control the stability of these enzymes according to the temperature of the granulation.

  • Process control plans are drawn up for feed and premixes to ensure homogeneity and the absence of transfer during manufacture at the plant. Analyses are carried out according to the Tecaliman protocol, and interpretation reports are drawn up by our technology experts.

Also note its implication in the profession with its participation in the quality circuits of BIPEA and the presence in the AFNON VI8A Animal Feed Commission.

The reliability and accuracy of our analyses, the improvement of our practices and methods, and the synergies with our formulation department and species specialists mean that our laboratory support is geared towards our customers on a daily basis.

The implementation of these analyses is an integral part of our service contracts. Laboratory support is available to all our feed manufacturer customers.

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Feedia embodies Techna's range of advice and solutions in breeding techniques and precision nutrition, serving the performance of production organisations, feed manufacturers and their breeder customers.