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working meeting
working meeting

A dynamic R&D

An ambitious vision: A source of performance for the production

Innovation is a core component of our history and our investments. We have always wholeheartedly directed our efforts towards driving improvements in this dynamic industry!

By merging fundamental research with practical field applications, we translate scientific knowledge into applicable technical expertise for our client partners.

Drawing upon our profound understanding of agricultural sectors and important zootechnical considerations, our staff identify and address all the technical, societal, financial and environmental issues that emerge across the production chain.

Exploring, anticipating and developing

and always providing hands-on support

Our experts, including nutritionists, R&D engineers, livestock specialists and veterinarians, share a collective vision focused on exploring new avenues and fostering constant innovation. 

Our work, based on the expectations and requirements of livestock farmers, serves a dual purpose: developing novel solutions to address the needs of our client partners and exploring ideas on issues likely to impact the sector in the future.

Anticipating shifts and identifying opportunities for innovation and sectoral development is vitally important. Accordingly, our teams consistently gather business intelligence concerning technological, economic, regulatory and environmental advancements.

We wholeheartedly support innovation and the digital transformation through substantial investments and a large operating budget, amounting to a total of 15 million euros over five years.

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A wealth of data

Through our historical Aviperf platform, originally designed for turkeys and subsequently expanded to include chickens and laying hens, we have become a leader in collecting and analysing client data. This capability enables us to effectively cater to their specific needs.

This tool, alongside its multi-species successor, WeFeed, aggregates livestock performance data, providing operators with monthly efficiency indicators.

Our Research Centre trials also contribute to our expansive databases, which underpin our response curves and meta-analyses. The response curves are used to develop productivity/profitability models to explore scenarios with our clients.

Leveraging our statistical and data analysis expertise, we define the most relevant indicators and tailor our decision support tools to achieve the best outcomes.

This enables us to define highly technical, precision nutrition solutions designed to cater to the specific needs of each livestock farm.

Techna and our partners

Working in synergy to advance research

While we conduct numerous strictly confidential product development trials, we also recognise the benefits of pooling our resources. This approach fuels the vitality of our R&D efforts.

The field of animal nutrition research is vast, encompassing intricate processes of cellular biology—digestive processes, for instance—as well as broader aspects of animal growth. We can gain valuable insight by sharing our data with public research institutions and other businesses in the animal nutrition sector.

To consistently seek solutions to address industry challenges, we forge high-quality partnerships.

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Accelerating progress through coopetition

Coopetition encourages the sharing of resources between competing players while safeguarding confidential information. The Euronutrition Research Centre, established in 2003 by Techna and two other partners, embodies this approach. By pooling research costs, each partner progresses more rapidly, but goes on to use the research results independently.

Encouraging global knowledge sharing

Through our extensive network of international partners, as well as collaborations with universities and pilot farms, we drive animal nutrition research forward. Our numerous trials conducted in different areas of the world enable us to address issues encountered in specific regional contexts. For instance, at our Zitouna poultry research station in Tunisia, we study the effects of temperature, humidity levels and raw materials on various animal breeds in hot, dry climate conditions

Developing a network of smart farms

Through the company Kumulus, which we founded in 2022, we are actively investing in real-time data collection, analysis and performance management on livestock farms. This initiative will enable us to provide new solutions to enhance the technical, financial and environmental performance of our clients. Our goal is to support the agricultural sectors in achieving greater autonomy, precision and customisation.

Euronutrition: one of Europe's leading animal nutrition Research Centre

With over 190 trials per year and 35 employees dedicated to research, Euronutrition stands as one of Europe's foremost private Research Centres specialising in monogastric animal nutrition and farming practices.

This unique shared facility accommodates trial configurations that accurately replicate conditions for broilers, layers, pigs and rabbits. The trials facilitate precise measurements of zootechnical parameters, digestibility and palatability.

As a member of the ethical committee of Pays de la Loire, accredited under the Research Tax Credit (CIR) program and ISO 9001-certified, Euronutrition is fully committed to quality and animal welfare.

Euronutrition research station
Euronutrition Research Centre

Enhancing raw material testing

The goal is to improve our methods, prioritising the use of in vitro measurements while drawing on our in vivo knowledge.

This approach solidifies our commitment to animal welfare, including monogastrics, ruminants and aquaculture species, all while ensuring the accuracy of our tests.

Propose additive solutions

To offer our customers precision advice, we are constantly updating our knowledge of the ingredients on the market, such as enzymes and minerals. We assess the specific needs of animals, taking into account new production conditions.

We also develop our own additive solutions to improve feed efficiency, animal welfare and prevent animal health issues.

Supporting environmental performance

We are developing dedicated programmes to support the environmental efforts of livestock farms. In dairy production, we are extending our milk recording assessment service to include methane emissions evaluations. These new performance indicators provide livestock farmers with greater visibility, helping them improve their environmental practices.

Photo Lilian Leloutre
Lilian Leloutre
Feedia R&D Manager

"We are constantly studying a multitude of levers to optimize the nutritional performance of feeds. Enzymes, for example, play a role in the performance of animals and agricultural sectors. Phytases contribute to the availability of phosphorus in plant raw materials. Xylanases are known for their action on fiber digestibility and, consequently, energy availability. Proteases improve protein digestibility...".