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Tunisian landscape
Tunisian landscape

Techna Tunisie


Our offers

Techna Tunisie formulates, produces and distributes mineral food supplements, additive premixes, premixes and nutritional specialities adapted to the specific needs of each customer. It helps customers improve animal nutrition and develop their activities.
To do so, Techna Tunisie provides a range of expertise:


  • Nutritional expertise
  • Zootechnical and animal health expertise
  • Support for industrial processes and feed quality
  • Feed formulation
  • Adding value to local raw materials
  • Support for farmers and technicians in their day-to-day work 
  • Farm visits
3-star expertise

Techna Tunisie

Mourad Dinard Techna Tunisie
Mourad DINAR
Managing Director Techna Tunisie

" A Techna Group subsidiary, Techna Tunisie was created in November 2001. Today, its business represents 15% of the local market for premixes, food supplements, minerals and additive premixes aimed at feed manufacturers. It also produces animal specialities for poultry and cattle farmers.

In 2007, Techna Tunisie built a production site in Bouficha (Hammamet). Pursuing its development, the company has diversified its activities to include solutions for aquaculture feed manufacturers. In September 2015, Techna Tunisie invested in the construction of a poultry Research Centre called Zitouna Nutrition, giving the Tunisian subsidiary access to its own local R&D facility.

Today, the company offers a comprehensive range of premixes, lick blocks and animal specialities."

Our customers

  • Feed/mineral manufacturer
  • Production integrator/organisation
  • Home-mixers
  • Breeders
  • Horse trainer and/or breeder
  • Distributors
  • Cereal growers/ market gardeners
A woman and a man examining granules

About us




30 people including 6 zootechnical experts

Geographical area

Tunisia, Libya and Algeria

Head office

BP 75 El Menzah 1 1004-Tunis 

  • Volailles
  • Ruminants
  • Aquaculture
  • Courses

Our offers

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