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Two people looking at a tablet in front of cattle
Two people looking at a tablet in front of cattle

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Interpreting breeding data with a single click

Easy map getting the most from your herd data

Easy map processes the data from your dairy output to deliver a detailed analysis of the performances of your hed. This an essentiel source of information for monitoring and managing your dairy opérations. With Easy map it’s simple to measure the efficiency of your feeding programs in order to keep track of your nutritional strategy and adjust your diets as necessary. 

Easy map lait , un agriculteur dans un champs avec une tablette

You do the farming Easy map will handle the rest

Easy map allows for state of the art zootechnical analysis thanks to a system which can be fully automatic secured and very easy to set up. 
After every milk inspection, your specialist adviser will receive a summary data sheet and 5 detailed analyses: energy requirements, protein efficacy, milk production, acidosis levels and sometic cells status. Your adviser is on hand to help you to analyse these results and take the necessary corrective measures.  

Easy map analyse your farm data in a single click 

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