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Laying hens in a field
Laying hens in a field

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The risks of antibiotic resistance and societal expectations are forcing farmers to speed up the demedication of their laying hen and broiler poultry farms. Farmers are adapting their rearing practices to improve profitability, and to meet consumer expectations, regulatory requirements and increasingly stringent specifications. They are moving towards greater prevention and looking for alternatives to chemical inputs.

Health through nutrition is at the heart of our business. The Natual range is based on solid knowledge of active plant ingredients, in-depth expertise in animal physiology and over fifty years' experience of feedback from livestock farmers. Our plant-based nutritional solutions are as effective as conventional veterinary products. Our partner breeders and our field studies say so. We offer a complete programme to accompany poultry batches from set-up to removal. Our liquid solutions are easily distributed by water. 

We offer specific start-up programmes for broiler chickens that address the key points: setting up the metabolism and consumption of yolk, setting up the digestive flora, initiating the animal's autonomic defences. 

During the rearing period, nutritional health supplements limit the risk of pathologies and support digestive and liver functions during the transition to feed or high production. 

Our natural solutions help to manage bacterial pressure, particularly in the presence of opportunistic E. coli. Heat stress in poultry can be improved by efficient ventilation of the barn. Stimulating drinking and strengthening the circulatory system also helps hens to cope with heat stress. 

In the finishing phase and in the event of environmental disturbance, our natural solutions activate the resistance mechanisms of the animals' respiratory tract. Our Natual solutions help secure growth performance in the finishing phase. 

By preserving the health and well-being of the poultry throughout the rearing period, the farmer is able to manage batches with greater peace of mind, reduce veterinary costs and improve technical and economic performance.

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Natual is a range of plant-based nutritional supplements designed to support the physiological functions of farm animals and crops, and in particular their natural defences.