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Science et technologies
Science et technologies

Our scientific and technical expertise

Our aim: sustainable performance for our clients

At Techna, we firmly believe that science and technology are indispensable tools for guiding agricultural production sectors toward feeding a growing population in a conscientious and sustainable manner.

“As professionals well-versed in science and hands-on experience, we commit to advocating novel practices that enable our client-partners to achieve their long-term technical, financial, and environmental objectives”

Jean-Marc Pinsault, CEO of Techna

Precision animal nutrition: our core expertise

For the past six decades, Techna has been working hand in hand with livestock farmers, developing highly precise nutritional solutions and offering independent, personalized, and multi-species guidance.

Our focus addresses crucial challenges in the global food supply, emphasizing feed efficiency, predictive performance modelling, and production cost control. Through tailored, local collaboration with our client-partners, we ensure the ongoing success of their business endeavours.

Mains alimentant une vache

Thorough knowledge of raw materials and ingredients

We leverage an extensive database of 40,000 raw materials, some of which are assessed based on more than 300 specific criteria, to formulate advanced nutritional solutions that bolster animal health and productivity while addressing the financial and environmental issues faced by agricultural sectors.

Using our robust formulation matrix, we analyse an array of data and refine our feed formulas to ensure the technical, financial, and environmental performance of both the feed and the animals.

Main d'un homme dans un champ de blé

Botanical expertise

At Techna, we place our faith in the potential of natural resources to bolster technical performance and animal health and well-being. Since 1971, we have been on a bold mission to develop natural alternatives to synthetic substances in the realm of animal health.

Confident in the promise of natural ingredients, we engineer solutions that incorporate plants, raw materials, and additives to naturally align feed and animal performance with both animal and human health.

Pipettes et plantes dans un laboratoire

Dynamic R&D

We are staunch advocates of scientific and technical innovation, making it the cornerstone of our investments. Our approach blends fundamental research and practical applications in real-world settings to find reliable solutions for our clients.

Our R&D strategy rests on robust data collection and analysis tools, supplemented by the scientific and technical insights of our research engineers, nutritionists, livestock experts, veterinarians, and botanists. The synergy of our expertise in precision nutrition, natural health, and livestock farming techniques empowers us to consistently design, evaluate, and refine products, services, and decision-support tools that fully meet our clients expectations.

Ingénieurs, scientifiques et développeurs réunis autour d'une table éclairée dans un centre de recherche technologique