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Botanical expertise

Natural alternatives to chemical solutions

Since the early 1970s, we've embraced a bold vision: to discover natural alternatives to synthetic substances in the field of animal nutrition.

We firmly believe that nature can offer effective solutions to support animal health. This is why we are engaged in a continuous quest for innovation. Our goal is to address the challenges faced by agricultural production sectors in their efforts to sustainably feed the growing global population.

A precise knowledge of plants...

Our catalogue encompasses over 100 plants with proven safety and efficacy, providing a wide range of physiological and biological effects. We formulate additive premixes and feed supplements made from plants to provide alternative solutions to synthetic substances. Our solutions help animals through challenging periods in various ways, for example by controlling parasites, supporting digestive and immune functions, facilitating reproduction and enhancing overall well-being.

Laboratory vial

... in their various forms

We possess expertise in using plants in various forms, including whole plants, plant parts, plant extracts and essential oils, all meticulously chosen for their diverse effects. We have a deep understanding of their bioactive compounds and biological properties. To maximise the technical efficacy of our solutions and their benefits to animal health, we design complex formulations by combining various plants, incorporating numerous active compounds with complementary properties.

Different forms of plants
Photo Jihane Guihard
Jihane Guihard
Product Design Project Manager / Phyto-Aromatherapy Expert

"To address the performance challenges of each sector, we select plants with physiological effects proven by research. For instance, echinacea supports immune functions, while milk thistle offers antioxidant and liver-protective properties. Essential oil of oregano is known for its ability to regulate intestinal bacteria. By using this oil, we can reduce our reliance on antibiotics."

Coating technology: maximising protection and efficacy of bioactive compounds

We possess robust expertise in the realm of protecting and microencapsulating bioactive compounds of interest. This advanced technology involves encapsulating nutrients, additives, or bioactive compounds in small protective capsules using various coating materials. The primary goal is to create a barrier between the capsule's content and the external environment, thereby providing protection against external factors like moisture, light and oxygen.

Thanks to our advanced mastery of encapsulation technology and our expertise in coating materials, we've developed innovative solutions and concepts that combine protection, stability, and controlled and targeted release of active compounds in the animals' digestive system. These technologies have been proven to be effective, significantly improving the nutrition, health, and overall performance of the animals.

Oil encapsulation ball

Demonstrated efficacy 

We test our solutions in the field, at our dedicated research centres. We closely monitor the performance of our plant-based ingredients and products, assessing their stability in response to temperature fluctuations as well as over extended periods. This approach enables us to optimise the effects and performance of our solutions. The result is customised products tailored to the different physiological stages and specific needs of each type of animal.

Botanical and zootechnical expertise

Our multi-species engineers specialised in animal nutrition play a pivotal role in designing innovative solutions tailored to our client partners' needs. Drawing on advanced knowledge in botany, phytotherapy and aromatherapy, they develop effective and safe products that support animal health, well-being and performance. We harness the power of natural resources for more sustainable agriculture.

Continuous optimisation

We constantly refine our solutions based on seasonal variations and incidents observed in the herds. Our formulators and nutritionist engineers, present in the field, develop products tailored to each situation. Providing local, hands-on support in the field is a guiding principle of our philosophy. This empowers us to provide personalised responses to our clients' unique challenges, working together to ensure the success of their livestock operations.