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Wefeed rabbit application on desktop and smartphone
Wefeed rabbit application on desktop and smartphone

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Reactive management of rabbit farms

The 2 modules of WeFeed Rabbit

WeFeed Rabbit is made up of 2 modules enabling real-time management of the farm and strong, responsive collaboration between breeders and their technician.

Module 1 :  WeFeed  Breeder

Thanks to the WeFeed Breeder module, which is entirely dedicated to him, the breeder can, during his daily entries on his mobile phone, see in real time the evolution of nest mortality, fattening mortality as well as that of the weight of the rabbits with the reference of the genetics in place in his farm. He also sees the repartition of the mortality of the does on the cycle and according to their litter rank.

He can calculate technical criterias in real time and trigger alerts in case of any health problems, with the possibility of sending an SMS directly to his technician via the application for optimal responsiveness.

Finally, he can make detailed comparisons of mortality and growth criteria between batches, and as soon as a batch is finished, a global management sheet summarizing the technical and economic results is generated by the technician in almost real time.

Its avantages

  • Data input on the farm via smartphone

  • Real-time calculation of technical criteria

  • Simultaneous display of data from several batches

  • Triggers alerts in case of any problems and possibility of sending SMS to the technician

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Module 2 : WeFeed Technician

With a dedicated module, the technician benefits from an analysis tool for the batch report and the annual report. These reports allow him to visualize the results of the farm and its previous data, compared to the reference group, using cursors to facilitate the positioning of the farm. The technician can also graphically follow the results of the farm, which is a support for exchange with the breeder for an ever more reactive management.

Its avantages 

  • Automatic transmission of data entered by breeders

  • Reliable and up-to-date documents

    - Global management sheet ( batch report and annual report)
    - Graphical analysis of results (multi-batch and multi-criteria)
    - Comparative analysis of feed programmes

  • Visual positioning of the farm in relation to the group average

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