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Creation year : 1995

Location : Couëron (44)

Resources : 1 production site (Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthes)

Markets : France and 25% of revenues made abroad (Europe, America and Africa)

Route de Saint-Etienne de Montluc
44220 - Couëron

+33 2 40 85 41 58

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Created in 1995, HEXAGRI specialises in plant nutrition. In 2010, it became TECHNA Group’s plant speciality subsidiary. With our laboratory dedicated to the nutritional balance of our products and several hundred original solutions in our portfolio, we have genuine know-how in the field of foliar preparations.

At HEXAGRI, we formulate, produce and market natural complementary solutions enabling plants to best express their productive potential. Our products and services are designed to generate the best farming practices and help conquer new markets.

Pascal BOIVIN, Managing Director of HEXAGRI


With its OPTIPLANT®, COLEOFAR® and AVIFAR® ranges, HEXAGRI facilitates the development of low-pesticide farming practices. Our products help support the plant’s immune defences, stimulate growth and reinforce cell protection and cell walls, genuine natural barriers against external attacks.

Our solutions have been validated on numerous crops:

  • soft wheat, hard wheat, barley and triticale
  • sunflower and rapeseed
  • field peas, broad beans and lupins
  • maize silage (corn silage), maize grain (corn grains), sweetcorn, sorghum
  • French beans and green peas
  • melons, cucumbers and courgettes
  • peppers and aubergines
  • tomatoes and strawberries
  • roses, carnations and lisianthus

Flagship products


OPTIPLANT® provides the plant with nutritional support in order to foster its growth and balance. OPTIPLANT® also enables the system of the plant's natural defences to develop and stimulates the regrowth of vegetation.

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Gives your crop a healthy look

COLEOFAR® helps stimulate crops which are very demanding at the beginning (corn, soft or durum wheat, barley, grassland, etc.). COLEOFAR®'s interest has also been confirmed by the fact that we obtained a better dynamic as the plant start growing along with a good regularity of feet. Foliar stimulation is achieved by the specific intake of trace elements (Cu, Zn, Mn, Mo, Iron, Co ...).

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The AVIFAR® product range provides the plant with nutritional support, which is necessary for its growth and balance. This strengthening involves optimizing the plant's mineral and hydric absorption and cell wall thickening. The aim is to create an unfavorable environment for birds, especially those that are devastating to field crops (corn, sunflower, cereals and peas).

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Products serving eco responsible practices.

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