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Creation year : 1959

Location : Couëron

Resources : 2 production sites (Maville, Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthes)

Team : 7 people

Markets : France and abroad. Europe : Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Spain, etc. North Africa : Marocco, Algeria, etc.

Route de St-Étienne-de-Montluc
44220 - Couëron

+33 2 40 57 81 57

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HORSE TECHNA is the equine speciality subsidiary. With more than 50 years’ cutting-edge expertise behind us, we offer a broad range of technical solutions, covering the needs of leisure horses through to racehorses. Primarily sold under the PASKACHEVAL® brand, our ranges concern horse nutrition, external care and equipment maintenance. Our know-how and manufacturing facilities enable us to provide products under your own brand.

The performance of our made-in-France products stems from our recognised expertise in the use of plant extracts and natural active ingredients. Our dedicated production lines, our traceability system and our partnership with the Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques (LCH - French Horse Racing Laboratory) are a guarantee of quality and compliance with the various regulations.

Guillaume DURAND, Managing Director HORSE TECHNA


Technical expertise

Driven by a shared passion for horses, our team has advanced expertise in the field of equine husbandry, backed up by the analysis of results gathered on the ground. Day to day, our experts support horse professionals in France and elsewhere, providing solutions adapted to their specific requirements: saddleries, distributors, online sales sites, breeders and trainers.

The ranges of innovative solutions cover the needs of racehorses, show-jumpers and eventers, breeding and leisure horses:
nutritional solutions for well-being and performance,

  • a range of technical and custom nutritional supplements,
  • external care products for limbs and coat,
  • maintenance products for riding equipment (leather and plastics).


Flagship products


PASKAMINE® is a mineral and polyvitamin supplement that is rich in vitamins E and C and in plant extracts. It is particularly suited for athletic horses. PASKAMINE® also provides B-group vitamins, as well as substances that promote the good functioning of the liver (sorbitol, choline and plant extracts).

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ALGUA DIGEST concentrates plant extracts and seaweed extracts that stimulate the drainage of the liver, as well as renal regeneration and blood detoxification. ALGUA DIGEST supports liver function in the event of chronic liver failure.

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PASKADOUCE promotes healing. It is an emulsified cream for local application that supports the natural regeneration of epidermal cells and helps soothe itching.

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L’ORIGINELLE balm nourishes your tack. It is a unique glycerine based compound that waterproofs and nourishes deeply the leather. Its texture and its flavor make its use easy and pleasant. The regular use of the L’ORIGINELLE balm protects your leathers on the long term.

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Our field of expertise


A broad range of qualitative products combined with equine expertise.

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